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There is never any harm asking police for information. Tumut Turf Club - Historic GrandstandCome down and discover the picturesque Tumut Turf Club. … index.html. Tumut Turf Club is one of the oldest Race Clubs in NSW having commenced racing in the 1850′s. … fossicking. Either way, I am pretty sure we would be speaking of the same persons. The field book of Surveyor James McBrien mentions particles of gold on the Fish River near Bathurst in 1823, (see above). 3 users like this post: Mackka, Heatho, noncents. Nice town, policeman there was a good fellow, put us on to a good camping spot out in the pines on the creek wth a few good holes around the plce, had some nice plate sized trout while there,always meant to get back there, some day, regards phill. Golden Gully that runs into the Adelong Creek near the old Adelong Caravan Park site has always produced pan gold. Contacts. This major fault zone can be traced for several hundred kilometres and is associated with a number of significant gold deposits over at least 200km of this structure; In the Adelong Goldfield the shear zone bifurcates with a western fault following the Adelong Creek (west of the gold deposits) and with main structure to the east of the main mines; Gold mineralisation occurs in a series of sub-parallel faults that can be traced through the Wondalga Granodiorite for more than 4km north of Adelong; Historically the Adelong goldfield has produced around 800k ozs of gold from within the company’s licenses. The discovery opened up a many veins of hidden wealth and by the time the Reefer ore mill ceased operation in 1914, the Adelong Creek and the hillsides had yielded over 25 tonnes of reef and alluvial gold, worth in excess of $300 million by today’s standards. The interpretive area, providing a comprehensive history of the site, and viewing … Old style houses in Tumut.On the historic buildings heritage walk of Tumut, many houses are mentioned. Adelong Alive MuseumAdelong Alive Museum tells the stories of Adelong and district, beginning in the gold rush period of 1852 and continuing to the present day.
I have been meaning to get down to Sharps Creek area and find out what is there. Junction BridgeOne of only 5 McDonald truss timber bridges remaining in New South Wales, the heritage listed Junction Bridge in Tumut is the only existing triple span arrangement. Because this is an old thread,I would like to just remind anyone reading this information that highbanking (mentioned in post 17)is now banned in NSW.Great information otherwise.I would hate to hear of someone new to the hobby getting caught highbanking at Adelong thinking it was ok after reading this thread. Last time I was in the area I saw where some substantial excavation had been undertaken in an area of the creek outside of the forest areas on private property. Property owners are close by to check in for permission in those areas.

Along Sharps Creek and just into Green Hills State Forest, in that area there are small creeks worth checking out with your pan. The project is being developed by Challenger Mines Pty Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of Macquarie Gold Limited, a company formed in 2010 to invest in promising gold projects. It's literally in the middle of town just a fraction downstream of the suspension walking bridge. Batlow Apple Blossom FestivalCome along and join the festivities of the Batlow Apple Blossom Festival. The Adelong Gold Project is located in southern New South Wales, 15 kilometres west of the town of Tumut and about 80 kilometres south east of the regional centre of Wagga Wagga.
Various studies have shown the plant will require upgrading and reconfiguring to operate efficiently. The main street is classified by the National Trust (NSW) with some buildings dating back to the gold rush. The main street is classified by the National Trust (NSW) with some buildings dating back to the gold rush.

It seems more like a base to park the vehicle and head off on work but he still enters the office area. I'm sure the flooding the place received in recent years has alot to do with how hard it is to find but I wish you luck. Venture further afield to see stunning natural landscape and visit other area towns including Batlow which produces a range of apple varieties and other fresh fruit and Tumbarumba, where you can taste the locally grown wines in. Adelong Caravan Park can be contacted via the website link below. Thanks everyone. The Adelong Hotels had room rates at around $45.00 per room 6 months ago when my cousin came to the area for a family funeral. Perhaps others can give some more advice but all the same a nice little town and there definitely is gold there even if I didn't get lucky. There is the Adelong Alive Museum open on weekends, which has much gold mining memorabilia.

To the west of Adelong is a belt of intermediate to mafic igneous rocks and sediments which extends from Batlow in the south to at least as far north as the Snowy Mountains Highway. See original gold mining equipment, inspect the stone ruins and pan for gold just as the fossickers and miners did back in the 1860s and 1870s. The engineering company will carry out .... iCompLii is proud to bring you MiningLink, The largest and busiest digital media outlet in Australia for the Mining and resources industry, with over 500,000 visitors a month. Downstream you will find the hillsides had large gold operations and the local community has preserved the site and done an amazing job of amenities and signage. Challenger Mines Pty Ltd is to build a processing plant at the project site and continue exploratory work with a further two year drilling program to further increase the mine's known reserves and resources. The festival is celebrated at the end of April or the first weekend in May. At Wondalga well outside of Adelong, it's quite isolated but close to a reasonably busy public road. Tumut MuseumThe Tumut Museum collection features Miles Franklin memorabilia and early agricultural machinery. 3D Resources plans to review these studies as well as alternate options for processing the ores before investing in re-opening the mine.

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