ami rupe tomay bholabo na lyrics meaning

Notably, with what fine affection Mohordi has uttered ‘Paanthhabeena’. Careful ears do note a shift from her then-usual style, in the concerned rendition. There’s self consciousness in love, which is lost to love in devotion. Interestingly enough, although no record of Kanika Bandyopadhyay’s ‘Adhunik Gaan’ was ever released (after Tagore had been displeased with her first release), the 50s had had her singing some beautiful non-Tagore songs. The night shivers in the sounds of thunder!). That was no doubt, a song true to her life. Yes – her songs had been appreciated by all. When the ‘lotus seat’ itself is missing, it perhaps gives shame, which musically finds expression through the fast singing of the portion! He continues, “The song seems to take one to speechless meditation – how heavenly Mohordi’s voice was! Before her demise on April 5th, 2000, Kanika Bandyopadhyay had left her ‘flute’ for silence to carry her music, the songs of Tagore, through the path of time. Interestingly, 1951 hadn’t had any Rabindra-Sangeet-releases of Kanika Bandyopadhyay. The record booklet of ‘Hindusthan’ published in September, 1938, mentioned (translated from Bengali) – ‘The first record-release of Kumari Kanika Mukherjee has pleased listeners. Agol jaabe shore – ‘Phule phule dhole dhole’ (May, 1971) remains one of Kanika Bandyopadhyay’s landmark renditions – a personal favourite too. The handwritten note, Kanika had preserved. How Peeyush would love this! ... VIKRAM SINGH ON TARA MUZIK AMI RUPE TOMAY BHOLABO NA. It was the institution, which had begun its journey, half-a-decade ago, recording the voices of Tagore. What a wonderful interpretation of Kanika’s rendering of ‘Ami rupe tomay bholabo na’, Alpana Roy had given! One could assume. Does Dhanapati make you stand in class? There is already a feature to download or copy the lyrics from web view. We are editorially independent, not funded, supported or influenced by investors or agencies. Powerful female vocalists like Suchitra Mukhopadhyay (later Mitra) and Nilima Gupta (later Gupta) flourished in the world of Rabindra-Sangeet during this period. Getting into HMV, Kanika set a pace ahead in her professional life. Her expression isn’t extrovert. – translated by Rabindranath himself. ‘Appreciation’ was always ‘beyond expectation’, as she had taken. Kanika Bandyopadhyay got her first chance for playback singing. ‘Lakshmi jakhon ashbe’ – she stops. ‘Freedom’ at heart, was something one could easily enjoy, way back then! Kshane kshe, That was definitely a par-excellence rendering of the song (and seemingly, that was the first time this composition appeared on record)! ‘Neel digante oi phuler agun laglo’ carved her niche in the hearts of the listeners of the 50s…’. She also recorded Bhajans, some of Atulprasad Sen’s compositions and two Kirtans. Michhe tui bhabis mon, Click to. The opinions shared by the writers, artists and photographers are their personal opinion and does not reflect the opinion of Learning and Creativity- emagazine. More people are reading and supporting our creative, informative and analytical posts than ever before. Yet, I just can’t resist myself! Currently you have JavaScript disabled. Indrajeet (Kaushik Sen), husband of Kaberi is a corporate man. How she utters ‘Kuhu kuhu kuhu’, one may observe closely! (When the goddess comes to you, where will you let her rest? Takhon kothay tare dibi re thnai? I would merely like to add a PS. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. That was the beginning of a history. Kanika got a chance to train in Rabindra-Sangeet under stalwarts like Indira Devi Chaudhurani, Dinendranath Tagore, Shailaja Ranjan Majumdar and Santidev Ghosh. The record booklet introduced Kanika’s Bhajans as ‘Priceless songs that spread the sacred flavor of Devotion’. Wasn’t that quite a lyrical recollection of those days of Kanika’s courtship with Biren Bandyopadhyay, when her companions like Arundhati Guha Thakurata (later, an eminent actress and director. When the graceful tunes of Kirtan and Baul binds us in love with the ‘soil’ – not the arid tone of quietism, but a surge of love, that arises drenches the soul! Look towards your heart – her lotus seat is missing!). Sedin amar ango tomar ange For mobile view we are developing one feature to download and copy directly. Required fields are marked *, Learning & Creativity-Silhouette Magazine Magazine, Stay tuned to our new posts and updates! I know it would be too much if I now speak on the magic of the words, for if I once begin, I will get more into discussing it. The endless journey of understanding the silence is what the listener goes through while hearing Kanika Bandyopadhyay. Jaanbena keu kon tuphaane torongo dol nachbe praane She perfectly blends ‘sur’ with ‘bhaav’, which emerges from her deep understanding of life, inspired by Tagore’s doctrines.

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