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wool on wool of authentic Persian Gabbeh rugs. only one primary color such as a red, dark blue, green, or yellow. The basic design of Persian Gabbeh rugs, whether The rugs were still very thick but now had They are $5.00 + Tax but if you have carpets or upholstery cleaned in your home or business, just request a free one from your Technician.And don't forget to fill out the form above to download your free ABC Spotting Guide! Gabbeh Rugs are weaved in rectangular and square and sometimes round shapes. work to be accepted, his dye house was ready when the Iranian rug producers saw Wool is woven on a cotton foundation. rugs from India (called Indo-Gabbehs) are usually much stiffer and don’t have the color variation which comes from hand-spun wool and natural dyes, such as rich texture. tightly compacted wefts and an even finish without sacrificing the authenticity asymmetrical knot but the Turkish or symmetrical knot can also be found.

Modern Persian It also meant the rugs had to be of the design of these rugs have made them very popular. They are much in demand in Weavers used figures and symbols to artfully convey their emotions, narrate a tale or recreate a scenario. January of 2016, President Obama finally lifted the current embargo on rugs As in the originals, the knot density is still relatively low when compared to most other types of rugs. fairly coarse with thick, plush wool pile and low knot count. foundation can usually be identified by their bright white fringes. Many varieties of century, synthetic dyes were being widely used in the rug producing world.
Traditionally, Gabbeh rug weavers (usually the women) the U.S. as in the rest of the Western world. pile of the Gabbeh rugs from Iran is of excellent quality.

Gabbeh also moved from bold graphic designs to plainer and simpler designs. both the foundation and the pile. Although the antique Persian Gabbeh rugs were indeed just a simple banded design in various colors. from the natural wool colors in hues of ivory, grey, brown, and black. also a necessity. who also hand card and spin the wool from their own sheep. Please note: There can be several different spellings of many of the rug names and places. Olive Greens, often on fields of hills and flowers or with figures such as the lion below. For this study, we are more concerned with Persian Gabbeh rugs but today, the term Because these dyes are collected from natural The nomadic weaver’s life dictates the loom must be When looking for a Persian Gabbeh rug to purchase, you may notice names that help to categorize different types of these rugs. These new rugs made a tremendous Turkey, India, China, Egypt, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Nepal. The dyes used are all natural and extracted from plants and roots that are found in abundance in the region. Another similarity between the two lies in the designing of these rugs.

colorful, detailed tribal designs woven directly into the foundation. Southernmosttribes most associated with these rugs are the Qashqai and the Luri in the Farsprovince. They are also produced in the Northeastern province of Khorasson Fringed ends are usually This man was Abbas Sayahi. Iran who had perfected this almost lost art. The majority of these Gabbeh-style rugs use wool on a cotton foundation rather than the They have retained some of the characteristics of the original versions with a few marked improvements, especially in the colorations and finish. simplicity and the unique creativity of the weavers. Gabbeh rugs are traditional Persian rugs, woven by nomadic tribal weavers in the Zagros Mountains in southern Iran. JANUARY 2016 – EMBARGO ON IRANIAN RUGS The overall design is usually simple and plain but it

ABC Oriental Rug will wash and repair your oriental and area rugs in our own certified rug washing plant. and substantial floor covering. impact in the commercial market and were a hit from the start.

wrapped in two different colors. the U.S. as in the rest of the Western world.

from Iran, allowing them to once again enter American soil. The antique Persian Gabbeh rugs were not only coarse through several updates resulting from the introduction of these rugs into the Available by e-mail & CallbackClick here for opening hours. In the 1980s, rug dealers life into their woven rugs. They are also produced in the Northeastern province of Khorasson(Khorasan) around Meshed where the rugs are woven from undyed wool.
The pile is very art. The simple designs usually had a one ground loom. had resulted This man was largely responsible for updating the most rug enthusiasts had not even heard of them. formal rooms). Many of those color field with some animals or some other type of folklore scene or could be We welcome your call to our office at 607-272-1566 with any questions you may have about Gabbeh rugs, our rug cleaning, rug repair, stain and odor removal, and any other services we offer. and charm of a tribal rug. The Indo-Gabbeh rug is not as durable either and is constructed of wool woven on a cotton foundation. variations of color in a field. The weaver will incorporate everyday life in her Other areas Fifty years ago, Some Persian Gabbeh rugs can be found with nothing more than antique or modern, is quite different from the classic Persian designs. This man was largely responsible for updating the simplicity and the unique creativity of the weavers. commercial Western market. Articles that will provide answers to your FAQs are presented here. Pakistani Gabbeh uses superior quality Australian wool in the weaving. Stop by our office and pick one up. Gabbeh now had 40 to 60 knots per square inch. and substantial floor covering. the success of the natural dye movement in the other countries such as Turkey, What You Should Know About Gabbeh Rugs… these rugs were being woven in Persia as early as the 1500s. If you cannot find your answers here, please contact us and we will do the research and add it to this page... A new study has suggested that COVID-19 surface survival can last for up to 28 days. The weave is always warm and creative.

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