best goal poacher in pes 2020

The problem occurs in the case of Frontline Pressure formations where he is not quick to come off his lines to clear the danger. More details here! For possession managers such as Luis Enrique and L.Roman, he could make the lives of opponents harder in a left-wide SS. You can use him in a two-CF formation with a partner with good passing stats in Fernando Santos’s 4-3-1-2 or C.Valbeuna’s 4-2-2-2. The new update has refreshed some life into the PES veterans. Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo battle every year to be the best player in the world and PES 2020 has decided not to separate them by giving them the same rating this season. Goal Poacher: A predatory striker who plays off the shoulders of the last defender: CF, SS: Dummy Runner: A player who attracts the defence to create space for other players to exploit. He has excellent offensive awareness and has good tight possession to hold the ball.

The former Spanish Captain has been very inconsistent in coming off his lines being an Offensive Keeper.

Our high expectations on the former Liverpool striker does disappoint a bit. He has great strength (99 Physical Contact) to hold off defenders, but does not have great ball control and loses the ball easily. Oliver Kahn is the highest-rated goalkeeper in PES 2020, while fellow German Franz Beckenbauer is the best defensive legend in the game. You can also play him in L.Roman’s 4-3-3 or Y.Grimault’s 4-1-2-3.eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'gamingonphone_com-large-leaderboard-2','ezslot_10',114,'0','0'])); The Czech forward is one of the decent National legends added in PES who can head the ball well due to his Heading trait. His Interception and Acrobatic Clear skill help him to defend well in case of long balls. Neymar ranks as the third best player in the game on 92, while 18 players are rated 90 or higher this year. In case of a 4-3-3 formation of Y. Grimault or Quique Setien, you can also play Xavi as a left CMF. A striker who lurks in the opposition 18 yards box just waiting for the ball.

Owen is incredibly fast and has good offensive awareness to latch on any balls played to him and has fantastic finishing on the top of it. He has almost the perfect runs and is one of the most lethal finishers in-game. The majority of the highest rated players are attackers, but centre-backs Van Dijk, Gerard Pique and Sergio Ramos make the top 10 this year. PES 2020: 7 best Goalkeepers (GK) on the game – Oblak, De Gea & more With the sweeper-keeper revolution in full swing, which keeper comes out on top? 3. The French left-back does a decent job in both attack and defence and is a good alternative to have in your gold-ball and legend teams if you do not have a fullback. As PES 2020 has licenses for Bayern Munich, Juventus, Napoli and PSG, all these teams have the correct names in the game. eFootball PES 2021: List of upcoming Iconic Moments, eFootball PES 2020: Celtic Iconic Moments review, eFootball PES 2020: How to link your game data using KONAMI ID, Soccer Manager 2021 developer interview reveals the plan for future updates, Ironhide Game Studio Community Manager Interview: Design cycle & future plans, Endurance – Space Action: Rescue your friends in an adventure RPG, Shadow Fight Arena review: A breath of fresh air in the combat genre, BattleOps review: A fast-paced offline FPS shooter, Raziel: Dungeon Arena review: An amazing Hack and Slash delight, 275 Apps including PUBG Mobile and Clash of Clans are being considered for ban in India, eFootball PES 2020: 10 Best Silver players you should have in your team, 5 Tips to keep in mind while playing Ludo King. It also presents many people the opportunity to earn the old legends which many fans waited for a long time. He is literally everywhere on the pitch and has excellent 95 stamina who can press brilliantly.

Neymar ranks as the third best player in the game on 92, while 18 players are rated 90 or higher this year. They are all ranked 87 overall or higher, with Romario the fourth best legend in the game this year. ... Best RWF in game (Prolific Winger/Goal Poacher) Discussion. He has wonderful free-kicks down his sleeve and is lethal for set-pieces. The former England captain can play down the middle and cut to the right flank to whip in crosses for the strikers to head in. Torres has good stamina which can be useful for pressing defenders too. Manchester B is the name used for Manchester City due to Konami's lack of licensing for the Premier League while Real Madrid Chamartin B is Real Madrid's moniker in PES 2020. share. Becks can additionally play in the AMF position of 4-3-3 of L. Roman or 4-3-1-2 of Fernando Santos where he can play down the middle and put in perfect long or through balls for strikers to finish up.

But the wait for a Legends Box Draw does extend more. The formations where he can thrive are L.Roman’s 4-1-2-3 or Quique Setien’s 4-3-3. Bergkamp can dribble past defenders and provide great through balls for goal poachers to finish off.

The Bundesliga is not in PES 2020, so Bayern are found in the Other European Clubs section, along with Bayer Leverkusen and Schalke. A player who attracts the defence to create space for other players to exploit. eFootball PES 2021 review: How does it look compared to PES 2020? share. New best CF for PES 2020 (Goal poacher playstyle btw) PES2020. The Black Swan is phenomenal with his positioning and can play fantastic long balls to attackers. Who are the highest rated players, legends and clubs in eFootball PES 2020?

He can take great set pieces, but you need to manually push him forward because of his playstyle. Van Basten’s ball control can be clumsy, though he is your man to win over defensive duels. His physical contact is not great and thus tends to give away possession against the strongest of DMF’s or CB’s. Best formations to use in: Defensive GK’s find their use for managers in the All-out-defence tactic. Marco Van Basten takes up fantastic positions behind the defence and rarely makes an offside run. The Italian has great speed and acceleration to take on defenders. Great piece of work though there is more to iker cassilas than what you said. A solid fullback who prefers to stay back and stick to defensive duties. The winger / striker who likes to cut in from wide into the central area looking to score.

The Swan of Utrecht can stay on the ball and take it past the strongest of defenders and win battles on strength. It’s a great work buddy..but like your previous legends review .. it’s very helpful if you mentioned the downside of every player.Thank you. Who are the best young players in PES 2020. If I have 2000 forge point, can I get 3 players of 90 (3x650... Increasing OVR of Now and Later player improves the ovr afte... also i am wondering when will we use now and later points? A player who likes to drop back in order to receive the ball and trigger attacks from deep. He has top-notch passing and crossing stats and can get past defenders with ease. World Cup winner and Argentina superstar Diego Maradona is the best legend in PES 2020 with an overall rating of 97. El Nino has fantastic link-up play and can hold up the ball and dribble easily past the best of defenders. In case of a 4-3-3 formation of Y. Grimault or Quique Setien, you can also play Rijkaard as a left CMF. save. The former Barcelona midfielder is one of the smoothest players with the ball stitched to his feet.

Please allow us for that. Jan Oblak (OVR 90) 2. For more Mobile Gaming news and updates, join our WhatsApp group, Telegram Group, or Discord server. He will be much more fruitful in counter-attacking formations of P.Boer’s 4-2-3-1, Y. Grimault‘s 4-1-2-3 and a central SS in Fernando Santos’s 4-3-1-2. Pro Evolution Soccer is back again for another season, packaged as eFootball PES 2020 this year, with many new licensed teams including Barcelona and Juventus. For example, Liverpool are called Liverpool R in PES 2020, but have all the proper players including some of the game's highest-rated talents - Virgil van Dijk is the best defender in the game. Despite the fact that many teams are not licensed in the game and thus have fake names, fake badges and jerseys, every single player in the world's top leagues is in the game. Adding to that, He has great heading capabilities. Lots of skill moves and traits like Through Passing and Weighted Pass help him in the distribution in the midfield and also find quick attackers on the break. A keeper playing a sweeper type role who often comes out to cover the area behind the defence. He is a fantastic goalscorer and can link-up play with the advancing wingers or strike-partners as well. Beckham has wonderful shooting stats along with crossing abilities. The Paris Saint-Germain forward is the only young player rated 90 or higher, with no other young player having a high enough overall score to make the game's overall top 50 best players. Currently working as a content writer and a profound lover of games which keeps one refreshed towards life and your perspectives about it amid all the daily stress we all deal with. PES 2020 has given players every chance to farm as much GP as possible. El Nino has fantastic link-up play and can hold up the ball and dribble easily past the best of defenders. This thread is archived. Let us know your thoughts about them in the comment section below! Best Formations to use in: Lampard can be properly used as a CMF in the 4-3-3 counter-attacking formations of Y. Grimault or R.Koeman or the 4-1-2-3 (4-3-3 variant) of G.Southgate. Copyright © 2020 All rights reserved. The National legends version of the Spanish forward is one of the prolific strikers who has arrived with this update in PES. Wanted to discuss who is the best RWF in game. Best formations to use in:  He is best suited for the left AMF position in 4-1-2-3(Ex: L. Roman) or as a sole AMF in 4-2-3-1(Ex: D. Deschamps). Playing Styles . The Spanish pass master is one of the best orchestrators in-game who has arguably the best passing stats in the game. Goal Poacher: A predatory striker who plays off the shoulders of the last defender. I... Good question and great answer. save. Petr Cech has got the quickest of reflexes as a goalkeeper. Best formations to use in: He could also play as a false-9 CF in G.Zietler‘s 4-3-3. The Dutch defensive midfielder is very critical in retaining possession for the team and is tall to intercept long balls played to attackers. Close ... eFootball PES 2020 taught us. Puyol, due to the Heading trait has a good presence in the air. and become one of the first to read the story. He is everywhere in the pitch and serves a perfect foil for the likes of destroyers like Viera or Kante. The PES 2020 ratings were generated before Erling Haaland stunned the Champions League and the Bundesliga and as a result, he has an 80 rating. You can check our Privacy Policy for more information. 16 comments. A player who likes to drop off into a deeper position in order to orchestrate the attack. Playmakers don’t suit me as I have good playmaking AMFs and CMFs. 15. hide. He has been pretty good in stopping the shots aimed at him and great in quick reflex actions. Playing Style Best formations to use in: He is quite useful alongside a Target Man in 4-3-1-2 formation of G. Henriques. You can use him in a two-CF formation with a partner with good passing stats in Fernando Santos’s 4-3-1-2 or C.Valbeuna’s 4-2-2-2. As we get into the game and spend our coins and try to get players like Van Basten and Carles Puyol, we dive into the reviews of the newly introduced National Legends in PES 2020. The current Chelsea manager isn’t the best of dribblers and gets beaten in counter-attacks in pace. The information contained in may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed without the prior written authority of One of the best super-subs in-game with the ‘Super-Sub’ trait, Pipo can latch onto long balls in the box with excellent Offensive Awareness.

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