best nba players 2020

His vision from anywhere on the floor is unparalleled. Khris Middleton isn't a traditional No. Antetokounmpo unleashed his MVP form again. The numbers were pretty, but they came on a bad team, in a role he would never hold with a better squad. And Fournier isn't just a catch-and-shoot option, either. Danilo Gallinari is still better than people realize. James was cerebral, to say the least throwing passes at will to open men, picking his matchups and mode of attack beautifully. Which 2020 NBA free agents will provide the most value over the next three seasons? Though his scoring is almost identical to last season's (25.4 points per 36 minutes) and coming on better efficiency, his true shooting percentage (56.0) remains below the league average (56.4). The Thunder haven't shied from using him on Ben Simmons- and Brandon Ingram-types. Calling him erratic or unreliable still equates to misinformation. Not that he needed it, but Leonard's second title legitimized him in a way 2013-14's banner year never needed to, a measuring stick for just how unfathomably far his offensive game had come.

He has the lowest assist rate of anyone with his usage. How is he ahead of Russell Westbrook? Even in a down shooting season—his crunch-time splits aren't pretty—Butler has proved to be more than essential. Relentless is the word that best encapsulates Montrezl Harrell's court presence. If you think Jokic was bad on defense, then you’re about 2 years late, as he finished in the top 10 in DBPM and 12th in DRPM, showing that he’s at least a very solid defender overall. He's not the most explosive athlete, so even those plays didn't often end with wide-open layups, but he draws plenty of fouls that way. And though his raw block numbers are down, Gasol remains an effective deterrent inside. Boston's net rating is 0.5 points per 100 possessions better with Smart on the floor. Close to 56 percent of his field-goal attempts are coming inside five feet during this time, compared to 46.3 percent beforehand, where he's shooting 63.4 percent, up from 58.8 percent. He's also been a key component in one of the game's best lineups. Who wouldn't thrive playing next to the NBA's reigning MVP, inside four- and five-out lineups?

He doesn't even have break-in-case-of-emergency touch beyond there. What few shots he takes inside the arc tend to come at the rim, an ideal profile for someone who works exclusively without the ball. Utah's playoff stock now needs Mike Conley to be Mike Conley more than ever. His free-throw attempts bottomed out. He's hitting more than 50.0 percent of his two-pointers and within striking distance of league-average accuracy from distance (35.7 percent) while putting up nearly 20 points and seven assists per game. And he's converted 40.2 percent of those attempts. Young's ultra-deep pull-up threes warp entire defenses. The Dallas Mavericks' league-best offense improves by 4.4 points per 100 possessions when he's on the floor (83rd percentile), not by chance but by the openings his long-distance volume creates and the ridiculous on-the-move passes he flings. points per 100 possessions the Mavericks have scored is an all-time high. Too many possessions end with him aimlessly occupying the same(ish) space as Sabonis. Stephen Curry and James Harden are the only players in NBA history with seasons in which they've matched or exceeded D'Angelo Russell's 2019-20 averages for assists (7.0) and threes (3.9) per 75 possessions. Luka Doncic, LeBron James and Russell Westbrook are the only players who have assisted on more corner threes, per PBP Stats, and the Pistons' offensive rating improves by 4.3 points per 100 possessions with him on the floor (83rd percentile). He has a top-10, this season and leads all Mavs with at least 500 minutes in, "To even think that I'm in the conversation, I have an opportunity to be [in the NBA], that's crazy to me," Siakam told Bleacher Report's, As for defense, there aren't many question marks there. That's tied largely to the fact that he's been with the team as long as Snyder, but during this partnership, Ingles' 1,695 assists almost double No.

His improvisation on the move belies his experience. Stephen Curry is the only player in league history who matches or exceeds Towns' career marks for points per 75 possessions (24.4) and true shooting percentage (62.2). He's earned it. As (or if) Sacramento fills out the roster around Fox with more reliable offensive players, and defenses can afford less focus on the point guard, Fox's ability to attack one-on-one will yield even better overall numbers. Unleashed after three seasons in a much smaller role with the San Antonio Spurs, Bertans is averaging 15.4 points and 3.7 threes this season while shooting 42.4 percent from deep. Now still isn't the time to relitigate Irving's cornerstone value. But he has started to find his way as a playmaker. His rebounding is up to the task, and the Rockets are at their stingiest when he partners with P.J. What he's doing now isn't natural. He remains a Swiss Army knife of a defender who can bother multiple positions and rebound at a solid rate.

At the same time, Hayward is visibly different. He is the secondary playmaker everyone's waiting for Jayson Tatum to be (which, for now, gives him a clear, albeit slight, edge over Boston's fast-rising linchpin).

Paul Millsap's role is nowhere near what it was during his All-Star campaigns with the Atlanta Hawks. Tatum's ascent has rendered him Boston's most valuable player, but Walker still has claim to the team's offensive crown. The next step is getting to the line a bit more. Combine all that with almost unparalleled vision—he's already one of the league's seven best passers—and he has an ironclad case as one of the NBA's top-five players.

The change of scenery has revitalized Hassan Whiteside.

When he shares the floor with another switchy wing in Mikal Bridges, though, Phoenix's defensive rating jumps to the 67th percentile. On the season, the Jazz have been plus-5.9 points per 100 possessions with Ingles on the floor and minus-1.2 with him off. Anyone who hasn't logged at least 500 minutes is not eligible for inclusion. He can both dictate and accommodate the terms of how Toronto plays. All of that said, Allen is clinging to top-100 status himself. His length is equally imposing closer to the basket. Only James Harden and Damian Lillard take a larger share of their triples after using seven or more dribbles, and he's fourth in points scored off unassisted treys, according to PBP Stats. But the bigger impact from KP may come on defense.

The Washington Wizards' hard-knocks season isn't on Beal. All season, Anunoby has been willing and able to spend time on the opposition's top offensive players. The nights he does get torched are evidence only of the difficult assignments he draws. Almost two-thirds of his field-goal attempts come from mid-range, and the San Antonio Spurs don't even bother having him shoot threes. Few players embody the argument for advanced stats better than Marcus Smart. In January, though, Love expressed remorse over this and other moments from a difficult season. He's still an effective, efficient player. Note that this list does not consider any season outside of this 2020 season, but does consider the amount played to a degree, so guys like Zion Williamson and Stephen Curry will not be considered, but Kawhi Leonard will, though there will be a … Denver needn't place too much stock in these Jokic-less returns...yet. Goran Dragic and Kendrick Nunn are the closest they come to face-up alternatives, which won't cut it. He had averages of 19.2 points, a career-high 9.5 rebounds and a career-high 2.5 threes when the season was put on hiatus, but his, true shooting percentage was over two points below the league, From Jan. 31 up to the suspension, though, he was at, points, 10.9 rebounds and 3.2 threes with a, "He's throwing some really cool lob passes to [Dwight] Powell," coach Rick Carlisle told, in December. Trae Young's detractors needn't reach deep into the bag to find their rebuke: If he's this good, if he's already a top-25 player, why aren't the Atlanta Hawks better? Steph is a top-five player in any normal season. Bogdanovic underwent season-ending surgery to repair a right wrist injury, and without him, the Jazz are in the same predicament they found themselves in last year: absent a decided No. Can someone knocking down under 32 percent of their threes really be one of the NBA's most valuable shooters? Letting so many threes rip is a sure-fire way to ensure he has no trouble playing power forward, and it opens up the floor for his guards. Moore three months before he was drafted. Must read content, player grades, stuff you can't get anywhere else. Or finish a little more consistently, and frequently, at the rim? No one on the team runs more pick-and-rolls per game, and rather than ween off his self-creation, he's steered further into it. Tatum's playmaking does still trail expectations for someone in his role. His three-point percentage (35.2) is just shy of the league average on a steady diet of 5.5 attempts per game. The Celtics can't expect him to carry entire lineups, but they can count on his two-man game with Daniel Theis, tidy drop-offs to shooters and wicked-fast post entry passes. He's averaging 20.0 points and 3.1 points while swishing 39.1 percent of his threes since Nov. 15. That's almost never been his problem. Becoming a full-blown stretch 5 could add years to Aldridge's career.

He has the potential to be a thoroughly modern 5 and half of one of the league's best offensive duos. And we're not dealing with some minuscule sample here.

Head coach Steve Clifford recently saddled him with more pick-and-roll initiation, and he's responded by averaging 5.0 assists—and 8.3 potential assists—over his past 25 games. Through it all, Tatum has maintained the seamlessness of his offense. I think everybody knew the Lakers would be great with Anthony Davis, and LeBron would play well, but I don’t think many thought LeBron or the Lakers would be playing this well this early. His three-point clip is down, but he's stayed above 35 percent while creating more of his own opportunities.

Let's get off of all this stuff that KP needs to go in the post. He now wields a more consistent touch between 10 and 16 feet and a more willing trigger finger from beyond the arc. He's not a lockdown defender on the perimeter or a lights-out rim protector, but he generally does a decent job of just being in the way. And he's a 19-year-old rookie. The offense should be more equipped to handle the postseason crucible because of them, albeit less so following Bogdanovic's season-ending wrist injury. LeBron passing to AD is the most prolific assist combo in the league. Ibaka is a more offensively oriented player than he was early in his career, but that doesn't mean he can't still defend. A career-low 15 percent of his looks are coming at the rim this season (7th percentile). CJ McCollum leaves a lot to be desired when viewing his game through the lens of conventional stardom. As the talent around him has increased, his scoring output per 36 minutes and crunch-time usage have fallen from last year's watermarks.

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