break away sentence

1. breakaway from the Ancient order of Foresters after political disagreements. She started They do not represent the opinions of The principal constituent ranges are accompanied by another set of ranges which break away from the main axes in a westerly or even in a north-westerly direction.

How the Grinch Stole Christmas costumes are ideal for individuals looking to break away from traditional Santa suits. direction, and from near the western extremity of this latter two parallel ranges, the Chotkal or Chatkal (14,000 ft.), and the Alatau, break away in a south-westerly direction, and running parallel to one another and to the river Naryn, or upper Syr-darya, terminate at right angles to the middle Syr-darya, after it has made its sweeping turn to the north-west. break-away example sentences. And despite warnings from US president Clinton to stop the war and negotiate with the breakaway republic the war looks set to intensify. break away 1. If you're looking to break away from long hair, you may consider an updated version of the Victoria Beckham short tapered up bob. All Rights Reserved. I … They need lenses that won't shatter or break away from the frame at impact, damaging their eyes. In foreign affairs a policy of drift prevailed which encouraged all the enemies of the Republic to raise their heads, while the dependent states of Prussia in the north and Moldavia in the south made strenuous efforts to break away from Poland.

This version has a break-through windshield and a breakaway grill.

Definition of break-away phrasal verb in Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary. The country nearest the river receiving the heaviest deposit becomes in this way the highest ground, and so continues until a " break-away " occurs, when a new river-bed is formed, and the same process of deposition and accumulation is repeated.

Copyright © 2020 LoveToKnow. 0. In this case drops which break away with different velocities are carried under the action of gravity into different paths; and thus under ordinary circumstances a jet is apparently resolved into a " sheaf," or bundle of jets all lying in one vertical plane.

Girls had to break away from the bonds of home and family to be free to do what they wanted. Hardworking Holmes was to have a memorable second half, creating two breakaway tries with long runs from midfield. Copyright © 2020 LoveToKnow. 3. All Rights Reserved. I'm starting to break away from the religious... 3. As a form of tribute for those who helped them make the game a breakaway success, Squaresoft made an entire series to follow. If someone got a little rough or angry at a game and pulled the cord beyond its stretch-point by accident, the breakaway point would separate. After a break away from the media, The Spice Girls released their third and final album 'Forever' in late 2000, which consisted of a more R&B feel. likely scenario, is that they should break away and set up their own ' Independent Conservative Party ' . Can't you break away from old habits?

Rossi took control of the British MotoGP from pole position into the first turn as he attempted an early breakaway.

0. They do not represent the opinions of How to use break-away in a sentence. Slicing Tools.The knife was originally a flint saw (17), havint minute teeth; it must have been used for cutting up animals, fresh or dried, as the teeth break away on soft wood. Conservatives threatened to form a breakaway Anglican faction unless Jeffrey John stood down.

He grabbed her, but she managed to break away. Categories may be split and merged as breakaway factions emerge. Such collisions are inevitable in consequence of the different velocities acquired by the drops under the action of the capillary force, as they break away irregularly from the continuous portion of the jet. Whether iron or steel, poorly installed covers are known to break away from bedding even under light, slow-moving traffic. breakaway from the bulky profile of the average pickup.. .

secret weapon is repetition, making the eventual break away from the pattern stronger.

Junior (Ryan Sypek) is his competition at Davis Farms, who shares Matt's desire to break away from their family obligations. Their secret weapon is repetition, making the eventual break away from the pattern stronger. If, for example, besides the principaldisturbance,whichdetermines the size of the drops, there be another of twice the period, it is clear that the alternate drops break away under different conditions and therefore with different velocities. The sports association accepted the inevitability of a breakaway by the elite clubs. She released her second album, the pointedly titled Breakaway, in November 2004. 0. The Yomiuri Shimbun (Buy and ReoA News) was the first to break away from this pernicious fashion. 3.

To the Labour party in that state are admitted only persons who have worked for their living at manual labour, and this qualification of being an actual worker is one that was strongly insisted upon at the formation of the party and strictly adhered to, although the temptation to break away from it and accept as candidates persons of superior education and position has been very great. Christmas is a time for us to take a break away from our everyday lives and spend time with the people who mean the most to us. To break away from the stereotypical image that church services are just for boring old people who like singing hymns. The solution is to help your body relax and break away from that tense state. LTK: How do the recipes you've suggested below help us break away from the typical cookie? In another quick breakaway, Varney fed the overlapping Wilson, whose momentum made him a good bet to get past Ben Moore. KeepSafe: This is a breakaway collar that will break loose if placed under heavy duress. 62+4 sentence examples: 1. Hundreds of miners joined the breakaway union. Copyright © 2016 All Rights Reserved Contact: Meaning: v. 1. break off (a piece from a whole) 2. move away or escape suddenly 3. interrupt a continued activity 4. withdraw from an organization or communion 5. flee; take to one's heels; cut and run. If you're a fan of dancing games and want to break away from DDR, In the Groove is a fine way to try something new. Cats should also wear a breakaway collar and visible identification, and owners should search immediately for their pets if they go missing. 0. breakaway from the bulky profile of the average pickup.. . Clarkson released Breakaway, My December and Thankful albums in the years following her American Idol. 2.

11, How do stocks like Quarterdeck and Iomega, 13, A truly contemporary eucharistic prayer might safely, 17, When Ma died, he had always planned to, 18, Dylan's latest record is a conscious attempt to, 26, Perhaps she had heard our voices and used them as an excuse to, 27, He stood still, not daring to move, unable to, 28, Even seemingly wild ideas may be aired at this point to, 29, Connors got his fuel bladder raked and had to, 30, LiLc Luther, they wanted to reform the church, but they were ready to 251. But he was strong enough to counterpoise the influence of Muscovy in northern Russia, and assisted the republic of Pskov, which acknowledged his overlordship, to break away from Great Novgorod. 8), it must be admitted that the teaching of Jesus, in the emphasis which it laid on the Fatherhood of God and the brotherhood of man, was bound sooner or later to break away from the trammels of Judaism, and assert itself in the form of Christian missions. Of course, you can also break away from the original Multi-Stem print and opt for another of Kiely's similar designs, such as the Flower Check print, the Tomato Flower-Stem print, the Multi-Directional Stem print or the Summer Flower print.

It not unfrequently happens, however, that groups of cells break away from their former connexion as longer or shorter straight or curved filaments, or as solid masses. He led a brea [VERB PARTICLE + from] Konami's breakaway hit, Silent Hill 4 is just as creepy (if not creepier) than ever before. In the ripe fruit the carpels separate into five one-seeded portions (cocci), which break away from the central column, either rolling elastically outwards and upwards or becoming spirally twisted. Because gangs so often participate in dangerous activities, teens can get caught up in a violent lifestyle that's nearly impossible to break away from. She has released three albums: Thankful, Breakaway and My December All three have reached platinum status or higher. The company wanted to break away from its traditional, downmarket image. They have agreed to recognize the breakaway republic's independence. We use cookies to enhance your experience on our website, including to provide targeted advertising and track usage. breakaway group formed at the head of the field with our very own Gemma Sloan battling with the best! she insisted, unable to break away from the mob.

I felt the need to break away from home.

64+2 sentence examples: 1. These enduring qualities have been responsible for his breakaway success as an artist and have earned him the nickname The King of Country. Many contemporary designers have tried to break away from classical formal patterns. Example sentences with the word break-away. In a rare breakaway Thompson had the ball in the Cardiff net, but it was disallowed for a foul on Warner. Literally, to escape from physical restraints. Their support being removed they break away in the direction of natural joints, and the fragments fall down the slope upon the vegetable soil. If you are looking to break away from wearing ordinary panties every day, try a pair of plus size lingerie shorts. The preceding autumn at the Great Kodokan Red and White Match I had been lucky enough to break away from my group and advance to … 4. Their interests, however, lie in the sublunary patetics. Theophrastus and in general the elder Peripatetics, before the rise of new schools with new lines of cleavage and new interests had led to new antagonisms and new alliances, do not break away from the Aristotelian The Peri= metaphysic. Although Breakaway Fashions does not offer the personalization options that Team Sports Uniforms does, it is specifically for girls' jerseys only.

Turkey fears a Kurdish breakaway state in northern Iraq could trigger renewed armed Kurdish separatism on its own territory. However, Kelly made critics do a double take when she avoided the sophomore slump with her 2004 album, Breakaway. breakaway republic the war looks set to intensify. 4. We had most of the play but they had 3 lucky breakaway tries in the first half. 1. Indeed, as the history of the higher religions shows, religion tends in the end to break away from secular government with its aristocratic traditions, and to revert to the more democratic spirit of the primitive age, having by now obtained a clearer consciousness of its purpose, yet nevertheless clinging to the inveterate forms of human ritual as still adequate to symbolize the consecration of life - the quickening of the will to face life earnestly.

When children take a much-needed break away from school, they tend to focus their attention on having fun. Meaning, pronunciation, picture, example sentences, grammar, usage notes, synonyms and more. By extension, to move away or separate from someone or something. Can't break away from reality long enough to plan a trip to the Happiest Place on Earth? Evidently the idea of the great Yokoya experts, the originators of the style, was to break away from the somewhat formal monotony of ordinary engraving, where each line performs exactly the same function, and to convert the chisel into an artists i It is first boiled in a lye obtained by lixiviating wood ashes; it is next polished with charcoal powder; then immersed in plum vinegar and salt; then washed with weak lye and placed in a, tub of water to remove all traces of alkali, the final step being to digest in a boiling solution of copper sulphate, verdigris and water.

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