cabin pressure newcastle

MARTIN: Thank you Arthur. HERC: Because you’re clearly doing a fine job in what is, unfortunately a male dominated profession. MARTIN: Oh right! I see from your uniform you’ve become a Bolivian tank commander. I, I, was never a girl. Terribly sorry. I mean, I’m sure if I got to know you I’d like you more than being a- Well probably not more than being a pilot, ‘cause I love being a pilot and I don’t suppose I’d love you- Well I suppose I might. I've no interest in opera either (I agree with Carolyn 100%!!) And you’re a Scotsman, now you? MARTIN: (Over Cabin Address) Ah, hello chaps. LINDA: (laughs) There you are, see you’re funny.

A little twinkly light, so no one flies into the back of you in the dark. DOUGLAS: Not ‘specially. MARTIN: Right. Cabin cross-checked, ready for take-off. Benedict Cumberbatch was ill at the time this episode was due to be recorded and had lost his voice, so Tom Goodman-Hill stepped in at short notice to play Martin. With special guests, See 2 press clippings related to this episode, Broadcast details of 7 further repeats of this episode. EDDY: Right then. MARTIN: No. I’ve had a look round Captain-, EDDY: Bloody hell. Sorry. One brand new navigation tail light, shining like a beacon.

MARTIN: Right. DOUGLAS: Do you do much holding back with the passengers normally? MARTIN: Yes; I, I did. M What? (Dice rolled)Ah- Art and Lit please Herc. MARTIN: Oh. MARTIN: Well, she can’t recommend me, can she? I think you relaxed because I said no. Stand by Commander, I’m now about to commence the operation. EDDY: You’re flying from Birmingham to Newcastle. Well, thank you very much, Carolyn, for a far more entertaining trip than I had any right to expect. SoundCloud. That’s GERTI. On this page you can: Love is in the air, but also unfortunately in a small airport in Birmingham - and Martin has to choose between career, romance and fixing a very small tail-light. DOUGLAS: I’d loved to have seen you and Sartre go head to head on that one. You’ve shown me the error of my ways. So we should be taking off in…ah about an hour. Comment by Maggie Griffiths. Ah, I don't. MARTIN: (Getting closer as he speaks) Ah, hello again Herc. DOUGLAS: No takers for the ghost toast? You see the forlorn object facing it and thereby providing it with a grim memento mori ? ARTHUR: Ah, Mum? LINDA: Well, you’re insinuating I only got the job because my Dad is chief pilot, aren’t you? DOUGLAS: Yes. Shame. ARTHUR: Ffff-what? And rather nice, I thought.

Right. DOUGLAS: Arthur’s strategy tends to be pretty ruthlessly focused on getting Marylebone and Covent Garden because those are the ones he’s been to. ARTHUR: Okay, chaps. Or to take your C.V? I wondered if it was time to be thinking about a move to a, slightly bigger airline. Can we just get back up in the air please.

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