can you give birth to triplets naturally

This test involves the infant having to sit in a car seat for 90 to 120 minutes while a nurse monitors their breathing, heart rate and oxygen levels. Should I go get a morning after pill? We have to get an ugly van." Can you have a natural birth with twins? 'The needs of the girls comes first,' Danielle said. It was keeping the babies inside me as long as possible. What does it feel like to have so many babies growing inside of you?Woman A: It's really weird feeling three babies moving around at once.Woman B: It feels very uncomfortable and painful most of the pregnancy. If the woman is 35 years or older because the body is more likely to release multiple eggs at one time. My OB was there to deliver, and the entire team was amazing.Woman B: At 33.5 weeks, after a very difficult night of pain where my son was lodged up under my rib cage, my perinatologist came into the room and said I had carried them long enough.Woman C: When we met our 34-week goal, I went in for a scheduled C-section. Woman A: I did hold them one-by-one. As a little more time went on, I was terrified something would happen to one of my babies. 'He was like "it's fine, it's just one more",' Danielle said. 'I turned to Joseph and said "What are we going to do" in the middle of the ultrasound,' Danielle said. It feels strange and amazing having three little humans kicking and moving around in your abdomen at the same time.Woman C: Crowded! Also, if you really want to give birth naturally, let the doc know so he won't automatically just schedule you for c-section. I was scared about having to raise that many children.Woman C: At first I was only afraid of losing them. I had a feeling I was having twins, because I was so nauseous so early on. Especially between the age of 30 and above because apart from the egg splitting more in older persons, you will need strength to bear the triplets. What do you think of the answers? There were so many people in there I really couldn't count.

After about 18 weeks though, most things just weren't possible. Could you tell them apart in utero?Woman A: I knew each of them by how they kicked. When we found out that we were in the safe zone for one risk, it was a relief. From the very first moment, everything was based on having a healthy pregnancy and carrying them as long as possible. This provides oxygen and nutrients from the mother to the baby, so it was imperative to deliver to make sure all the children remained healthy. Just depends on how what position your babies is in. Premature birth is always a risk factor when the mother is carrying multiple babies in her womb. Unless you live in CA, chances are small but not zero. It has been done. Did the experience make you want more children or no more ever again?

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