car wheel sizes explained

A decrease (shortening) of tire sidewall can improve vehicle responsiveness, handling, and feel, while expanding tire width can improve all-around grip under acceleration, braking, and cornering. A safe clearance between the wheels and tires and all vehicle components in the wheel wells should always be maintained. It's crucial to apply the correct wheel offset because too much positive or negative offset can cause damage to the vehicle, especially when driving at greater speed. Like clearance measurements for wheel diameter and width, confirming sufficient clearance to these vehicle components is vital to ensure proper vehicle performance and safety.

This creates more sidewall bulge to protect your wheel from rocks and keeps the tire from de-beading off the wheel when running low psi off-road. There’s a bit more flexibility when it comes to wheel widths. Click on a flag to visit our foreign web-shops.

But exactly how does wheel size affect the performance of the car? Sign up for the TireBuyer newsletter, get all our best deals and promotions!

For off-roading, the tire width is typically wider than the wheel. In this case, the wheel actually wraps around the hub and brake more deeply. A particularly powerful car will not be significantly conditioned by increasing the wheel size and the return in terms of appearance could be well worth the price. How cookies are used Finally, it is worth remembering that wheel size will influence the speedometer readout because the device is always set and type-approved for original equipment tyres. Warranty terms, Terms and conditions Get FREE delivery, too. So far we’ve touched on exterior wheel measurements and clearance factors, but that’s only part of the equation. Here is a guide for appropriately matching up tire and wheel widths: Matching tire width to wheel width depends on your purpose. The behaviour of the car may also change: increasing the tyre diameter will obviously raise the chassis height and the centre of gravity as a consequence, with the direct effect of increasing roll and oscillations. And so a decision on wheel width comes down to clearance and purpose. For example, when using a wheelbase of 160 cm, an acceptable change will be 3.2 cm. Check out our most popular truck tire: The Nitto Ridge Grappler! About us Buy a set of 4 select General tires, get a Visa Prepaid Card worth up to $100 by mail. If wheels are not fitted with tires, a standard measurement with a tape measure will tell you what you need to know.

Wheel diameter is perhaps most easily thought of as the measurement from top to bottom, or across the face of the wheel.

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The other important consideration when deciding on wheel width is “purpose.”. Here you will see a list of your recently viewed products. Excludes Pirelli products. You will find drivers using tyres bought at Oponeo all across Europe. Enter the parameters of the factory wheel and the width of the new wheel. This usually implies making fitting adjustments for wider wheels, which also means modifying other values.If you can’t use a wheel offset calculator, there is a very simple formula to calculate how far the new wheel will protrude: Renault recommends standard wheels with a 15-inch diameter, 6-inch width and ET45. Here the question is whether wheels with a 16-inch diameter, 7.5-inch width and ET35 can be used instead.If we use these values in the formula presented above, the causes an increase in width by 28.75mm. The final number in your tire size (before the separate load index and speed rating) denotes both tire and wheel size. View the dedicated products for your vehicle. Exclude the outer wheel lips that hold the tire in place as a part of the diameter measurement. Most wheels in today's cars are installed with positive offset. Tire size details are a clear indication of wheel diameter as detailed above. Markings, pressure, exchangebles, speed and load indexes. Above all, a larger width will contribute to increasing friction. Clearance should be evaluated at both the front and rear axles, and while the suspension is loaded with the vehicle weight. *Cannot be combined with other promotional offers or discounts. In the diagram just below, the size is 17 which translates to 17". Apart from the United Kingdom we sell tyres and wheels online in Germany, Italy, France, Spain, Austria, Netherlands, Turkey, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland and we are still planning to enter new markets. If the objective is to increase top speed, as mentioned, then changing the tyre change will fulfil the task grandly, bearing in mind, as usual, that a variation of a few tens of millimetres implies major differences.

Therefore, when planning any ET changes, the standard distance between the wheel and any crucial points of the vehicle should be carefully investigated. This tire is fitted to a 17" wheel. The second – 55 – is the sidewall height to width ratio of the tyre, expressed as a percentage. When choosing the wheel size, you should also remember to take into account the width of the car tyre at the point of contact with the wheel.The wheel width is usually slightly smaller than the tyre width in order to ensure the tyre fits well. They can have a profound influence on the look and presence of a vehicle. By continuing to use our site, you consent to the placement of cookies on your browser. Check out our collection of wheels. Wheels and rims are significant parts in a car.

It's important to use recommended wheel widths and tyre size combinations - the wheel width dictates what tyre sizes you can mount. Please see the product details page for more information. The width of the wheel, from left to right. Why?

An appropriate offset value can be easily calculated to keep the wheelbase unchanged.

What occurs in the space inside of your wheel barrels once they’re mounted is equally important.

The tread width can be found on the tire manufacturer’s websites under the specifications along with the minimum and maximum rim width range.

Similar to the diameter and width, offset directly affects vehicle component clearance.

We are using the word “wheel” here deliberately to refer to all the components of this crucial part of our car, from the alloy rim to the tyre, and all its features in terms of thickness, sidewall, tread and so on. Looking to get started on a search for aftermarket wheels for your vehicle?

In reality, the diameter is just one of the important wheel specifications and measurements, along with wheel width, offset, and backspacing.

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