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After David’s statement (that explained how Conrad had framed, kidnapped and tortured him) he was asked to make an announcement to the public. See photos: Fall TV Preview: 85 New and Returning Shows. Also read: ‘Revenge’ Premiere: Victoria Gets Her Groove Back. The series returns to ABC on Sunday, Sept. 28 at 10 p.m. It’s true, the news of David’s return isn’t only going to affect Emily VanCamp’s character, but it will also be taking a toll on Victoria’s life when Season 4 premieres.
We wonder what this will mean for David: Will he bring the two women together, or will he be forced to choose sides? Sound off in the comments section below with your thoughts on episode 4 of "Revenge. Directed by John Erman. Speaking of Emily, she had no interest in rehashing the break in to the police. The true story of David Rothenberg whose disturbed father set him on fire. “She got to him first,” Emily said, concluding episode 4. Spoiler alert: Do not read on if you haven't watched Sunday's episode, “Meteor,” and don't want to be spoiled. We learn later that David engineered his arrest, so that he could finally come out publicly as alive. However, when Victoria found out what David had done, she seemed appalled and quickly questioned him if he had killed Emily. Aiden is dead, Victoria is in the looney bin and David Clarke has risen from his alleged grave -- that’s how last season of ABC’s hit drama, “Revenge,” ended. Knowing Conrad had already confessed to framing him and that he had already killed Conrad, David feigned fear of what the Grayson patriarch would do to him now that he knows he's back and then he faked relief when the FBI officer told him Conrad was killed six months ago. Emily finally comes clean and tells David that she's the real Amanda Clarke on the Nov. 9 episode of 'Revenge.' “It’s hard to introduce new characters who don’t have a past history with [Emily]. I just saw him in the lineup. “It was something that went on and on.”.
So, I think all of us were thinking, ‘Well, who else can we bring on?' “The character David Clarke is going to cause a lot of problems,” Harberts hinted, “because he is definitely a point where these two women’s lives [Emily and Victoria] intersect.” And as we all know, Emily and Victoria aren’t exactly on the best of terms -- especially after VanCamp’s character pulled a Merrill on Victoria, hitting her over the head with a shovel. "That’s really how it changes the series. He asked the alleged convict to raise his head, which is when he noticed that #3 was actually David. David, who we presumed was dead for three seasons, is in fact alive. It's unclear. Although Victoria didn’t light the fire, she definitely created that spark that lead to David’s rash behavior. ET. David Clarke is alive and according to reports, he'll be stirring up drama in Season 4 of "Revenge." We’re excited to see what Tupper’s character will bring to the drama. Obviously we got Jack, Daniel is a character with no romantic poll and as we looked back on it David seemed like someone who would shake [VanCamp’s] character to the core – an unshakable character,” Harberts said. “My father -- he’s alive. “What just happened?” Nolan asked after David’s public announcement. Cristela Alonzo's Sister Is Obsessed With the Actress Playing Her on ABC's 'Cristela' (Video), 'Dancing With the Stars' Karina Smirnoff Pouts Instead of Performs Because of Knee Injury, 5 Reasons Why 'Black-Ish' Is a Hit Hollywood Should Have Seen Coming, Donald Trump Griped About ’60 Minutes’ Interview, But The Show Got The Last Word, Ranked: The Beautiful Women That Wilmer Dated, Hilary Duff and Matthew Koma are expecting their second baby: 'We are growing! The writer than gave the audience a few “what if” scenarios to mull over regarding David's big debut: “What if he says, ‘I’m disappointed in you.’ And what happens when he crosses into Victoria’s story and says, ‘She did some things to you, and you don't know why, but there might've been a reason.’ Again, Victoria says in the finale, ‘You don’t know everything you think you know about your father.’ You always have to preserve Emily’s mission -- she was wronged as a child. Jack Porter (Nick Wechsler), who organized the lineup and recognized David, tried to warn Emily, but Ben shut him up. That’s when David decided to take matters into his own hands by “ending” Emily like Victoria had suggested. Guess the apple doesn’t fall far from the “Revenge” tree. Watch the moment in which Emily sees her father is alive with her own eyes above.

It looks like Victoria wasn’t too far off when she claimed the Grayson mantra was to “lie and deny”. “I’ve said it once before and I’ll say it again: If it’s not impossible, we’ll probably do it,” Kelley teased. And more specifically, Emily's plan for justice?

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