demise of chesscube

Anyway nice post although I suspect your suggestions have no chance of being implemented. I haven't played on it for a year. Seriously? I have not seen a site which resets its members ratings except for Fide Online Arena. A bit like bitcoin I reckon. You can now play chess on the internet? You are supposed to prevent sandbagging yet they FORCE you to? Chesscube's Demise and the lesson from it. ChessCube is a cutting-edge online chess platform and community where over a million users play live chess. The whole cubit concept was always lame but when it began to be used as a means to try to force people to become premium members, the lameness reached the level of ridiculousness. What are the best openings to get a closed position? Market should decide. One such policy could be that you can only reset your ELO rating once or twice per year, and players can report unorthodox losses by high-ranked players. When did this happen? Not about BlockBuster, BestBuy, or stupid scripts.

3. This post is about chesscube's corrpution and my requests/suggestions for opening up the site to the free members more.

As it is all members have access to 25 free (and quite wonderful) courses. For what it's worth though,'s prices are beyond reasonable, and the features they offer are worth it. Typical of what happens to chess sites that have no cheat detection. Then it added VIP, and some advantages that they have over others. Kazooie;   I feel the same way about BLOCKBUSTER. When I was a free member, I could only watch one half of a video, then it stopped with an ad of premium accounts. It is suitable for all players though, and that's why I've been spending more time here lately. 2. Always wondered why c.c doesn't start a peer-to-peer chess thing, reducing their own server load to forums and member directory. One: That the video cutting rule must be abolished or prevented from implimenting. The good idea is that from very recently you are allowed to have official, monitored Fide ELO based on online play. And should do this why?? I don't see this site going down that path but I wouldn't be surprised to see it go allpremium eventually. I was pretty mortified, then. The leading chess engine in the world is currently a free engine, Stockfish. Yes, I agree with you here. There are no other programs like it, and is smart in restricting who gets to use it. Who is interested in a future Membership Giveaway? It is a technique where the player with higher rating intentionally lose games in order to achieve lower rating, but still retain their skills. Looks like an "end of the world" type movie script! In your 3rd paragrah, you asked that implement 2 little suggestions. I strolled to well over 2200 there at 15 minute time controls and was still on the rise. Oh no. We need warzone tournaments eh. Then I settled here, and found out how awesome it was. nothing in life is free, Free stuff is not good. Before you read on, I want to warn - I am kind of critizing - please do not be hurt, nor post hate speeches. Where do I sign up?

KMagik Aug 3, 2014 #21 If starts being members-only, there is always LiChess, which has the ideology of always and forever being free. I honestly don't know if would ever become a paying member only site. If they don't hear, just quit going there. I think they should loosen up on their tactics trainer though, as ChessTempo allows unlimited use of their tactics trainer so it's not a selling point for this site, you may as well allow everyone to use it more here so they have less reason to go to another website. from what I've noticed is geared more towards teaching new players the game, and giving them tools to learn, as opposed to satisfying the serious chess players with more in-depth material.

In this aspect, the others win hands down here. But this is fine: I'm willing to pay this price if I can have an official rating based on controlled games with players of real identity. And every WEEK? I know what you are saying, but this is getting slightly off-track here. I cannot emphasize more - do NOT CORRUPT!!! It's the way free enerprise works. 2.

But in other servers, EVEN in chesscube, we have infinite amount of chess tournaments for free. No-one good played there. You can play at FICS for free, no gimmicks. There are a host of free videos on YouTube including a bunch from I have an account on ICC which is a pay-to-play site, and such sites are more for serious chess players; not new players. Yes, I agree with you here. There used to be 5 or 6 video stores around here, now there are NONE. Play chess on - the #1 chess community with +30 million members around the world. Well, a couple things.

After the cold war and the demise of the old USSR the wealth of Russian publications, translated into other European languages caused a second tsunami of chess literature that overflowed every budding chess player’s book shelf and drained his savings account. Then they added gambling.

It had good UI, nice games servers, some resources, and a few other tibits. | COMPLETED |. As noted above, I'd agree that something like 10 a day would give players a little more incentive to give more traffic, or even consider purchasing a membership. "The Queen's Gambit" streaming on Netflix!! As a paying member, I honestly do agree that 3 tactics a day is a bit too little. The only appeal Chesscube ever had for me was its interface and the ease of getting a game; the rest of the site I find rather pointless. I'm a huge fan of Chess Mentor courses, it will be the reason I go premium at some future point. I've played there since 1997 and never had a single problem. My chart looked like sawteeth. I'm not sure if this is true for software. is your site, so why not give us your suggestions and feedback.

So where's the lesson to be learn'd from chesscube's demise?? I also want to upraise another point. But in other servers, EVEN in chesscube, we have infinite amount of chess tournaments for free. You could play free, or pay some virtual currency called cubits. Since I AM premium, I am blind to possible sufferings of the free members. That is one of the most idiotic policies I've ever heard about. Now, I have outlined the corruption of - but why am I saying this to you? I cannot emphasize more - do NOT CORRUPT!!! By this measure they reduce the liquidity of the site in a dramatic way. I was a former member. We all know the quality of people that come running when you put out a free sign. Because it is one of the most aggravating things I had for, along with the fact that I could only have a tiny slice of lessons in Chess Mentor. Mail us your ChessCube wishlist at [email protected] Read more about InVenFin's investment » Happy Chess Playing, The Team You were sent this email because you're subscribed to receive ChessCube Newsletters.

I think should look to itemized membership too, for example some may just want to watch videos or just use Chess Mentor.

I agree. But that was what I thought, too, when I first saw chesscube. Play online with friends, challenge the computer, join a club, solve puzzles, analyze your games, and learn from hundreds of video lessons. and it's a perfectly good playing site. A 3000 could easily beat a 2000, but could a 4000 easily beat a 3000? However having this system of stakes is a bit too much, you have to be very careful not to click on a bid which would cost your whole credit balance for losing one game... Chesscube is the only site though at which I could ever reach a rating above 2000. As far as the opening explorer goes, there honestly are better formats out there. Obviously it's being done to entice folks to upgrade, but that's capitalism. These 2 so …

--Did it announce plans to go all-premium within a certain time frame? I was a former member. Only players significantly weaker lolol. This was around since the 90's I believe and I was hugely, hugely dissapointed as I had played a few games there at one point in time (no more than 30) because I wasn't interested in chess at the time, but it was a nice website/ lobby system, and I wanted to play there recently to find it had been taken down this year. I think is smart to hold Chess Mentor as a mostly premium feature as it sets itself apart from every other chess site. Since I AM premium, I am blind to possible sufferings of the free members. Maybe with an even cheaper entry level class just to help with the spam problem. Congrats, chesscube!

Posting in this thread proved to be useful for me already. This low liquidity spoils the whole thing for me. and Chess960 ( !!! Not exactly corruption, but really stupid policies which make a good idea go wrong. I've been a completely satisfied "free" member for 17 years. Nice. Short Answer: Corruption. 53 talking about this. Fide Online Arena ITSELF resets the rating of free members ONCE IN EVERY WEEK, by default ( sort of punishment for not paying a membership fee ). "The Queen's Gambit" streaming on Netflix!! Some people started to flee. ). What are the best openings to get a closed position?

I am in complete agreement with your assessment of chesscube, which is unfortunate since it was my site-of-choice for playing for several years. Also there are 2000 strong players around with resetted 1200 ELO who keep beating me and destroying my rating.

| COMPLETED |. If so, please lift it. You see, I have been migrating quite a lot since the first migration out of chesscube.

It's still up, but since most of the free members are fleeing to, I daresay, chesscube will continue dwindling. Bumping it up to 10-12 a day instead of 3 would probably satisfy most free members. zxzyz Aug 3, … I've been part of bigger communities where this happened.. online server neglect is a real thing :(. So Netflix it is. I thought the main problem with chesscube was the rating inflation. does not work for you? --or, is the OP more of an opinion piece/prediction? You can find an internet "home" and a company can decide to take it down without much thought. Stay on track or steer off it completely.

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