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You don’t think Michigan and other colleges are going to take precautions to keep these players safe. Ambrys a good player but I’ll take Kwitty and Hutch over him all day. In general I agree with you, but far worse teams than what we are going to put on the field this year have beaten extremely good OSU teams the last few years (last year excluded). We're never going to sneak up on them and never not going to get their best game, as you mentioned. Dylan McCaffrey to transfer, Nico has signed with an agent per Angelique @ Detnews Submitted by Michighen on September 16th, 2020 at 3:41 PM Log in or register to post comments If we stop having awful mistakes constantly we can hang around for 3 quarters, after that you never know. Can't rip our hearts out if it's not beating. Mayfield definitely was not a top 3 player ( despite the a cover story acting as if him simply leaving after a rs soph more year in of itself is an accomplishment,  he’s not close to the class of the high round guys mentioned who stayed longer) Tom of potential sure , was really looking forward to watching him develop. If Michigan gets great to elite QB play and plays largely mistake-free football, then you're absolutely right, they've got a shot. On one hand, you aren't humiliated. Honest question, what is more painful as a fan. Really gonna miss DMac’s coverage skills and Nico’s sideline to sideline LB pursuit, right? I assume by "good news" you mean the reversal of the no season decision, but I'm going to wait until December to determine if that is/was actually good news. In reply to You don’t think Michigan and… by CFor88. McCaffrey played in six games in … You don't understand what changed between the end of last season and now? Still loss hurts a lot just not a top 3 player. It's not that hard to figure out. Minus OSU's entire starting offense missing the game due to COVID, Michigan is going to get freaking boat-raced. Michigan QB Dylan McCaffrey to opt out of 2020 season and seek transfer from Wolverines, per report McCaffrey's decision would point to … You just answered your own statement, my friend. SOUTH BEND, IN - SEPTEMBER 01: Dylan McCaffrey #10 of the Michigan Wolverines throws a … According to The Detroit News, Christian McCaffrey’s younger brother has opted out of the … In reply to Why did this day of joy and… by azee2890. Are Michigan players safer than the average student or young person, sure. He has nothing to prove, and obviously Michigan hasn't created the culture that has these guys all in for a championship every year like OSU. Okay, okay, Football Gods. Eventually, Michigan will beat OSU because the nature of the universe says it just has to happen. Michigan quarterback Dylan McCaffrey is opting out of the upcoming season and is looking to transfer, a source close to the situation confirmed to The Detroit News on Wednesday. ), Redemption: A subplot of the Minnesota game. Milton is going to have to have a Devin Gardner "my foot is broken but I don't care I'm carrying this team" kind of game for Michigan to even have a chance. Why did this day of joy and rejoice turn into a day of sorrow and pain. He and Joe Milton were front-runners for the starting job. Football is better than no football, but dude, losing your 3 best players to opting out sure does take some of the shine off the Apple. This news comes on the heels of the Big Ten announcing it will start a nine-game season Oct. 23-24. When is OSU ever not going to treat the Michigan game like its the national championship, Super Bowl, and Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals all rolled into one? According to multiple reports, including from Angelique Chengelis of The Detroit News, Michigan quarterback Dylan McCaffrey is opting out of the 2020 season and is seeking a transfer … All rights reserved. I guess nothing changes. Could have left last year and decided to stay and now the season is back and he decided to leave. So anything better than a complete blow out will be a pleasant surprise. That’s the kind of loss you can live with. Font Size: Michigan quarterback Dylan McCaffrey is reportedly done playing for the Wolverines. Transfer year: 2020. I wish he… by RGard. Nico wasn't a Gattis recruit,  AJ Henning should fill nicely into the starting role. In reply to Biggest wasted potential in… by UMxWolverines, In reply to Come on, man! Michigan QB Dylan McCaffrey opts out, plans to transfer Updated Sep 17, 2020; Posted Sep 16, 2020 Dylan McCaffrey appeared in 13 games during his three seasons at Michigan. McCaffrey served as the backup to starting quarterback Shea Patterson the last two seasons and was favored by … TBD. Blame Shea for Nico's waste, along with some questionable play calling at times, but mostly Shea. The little lights are not twinkling Clark. On the other hand, your soul isn't crushed. Tom Mars is making a good case for Big Ten players who signed with an agent should still be eligible. I like that OSU's fans are basically celebrating a playoff berth and possible national championship AND a Heisman winner six weeks before the season starts. In reply to Just curious...how many… by mitchewr, In reply to Depends on what you are… by ldevon1. He probably didn’t leave last year because the WR class was insanely deep. As for the play calling, Gattis could have heaved it deep every series because Nico was ALWAYS open. Julio Jones was all-SEC first team as a freshman and he started the first game of the season. I know we're not going to sneak up on OSU and we'll likely get their best, and they will more than likely win. They don't want to play in these conditions and feel they have more to lose than to gain. But until I see that massive shift in the game, I'm going into the OSU game every year with only two assumptions: 1) That Michigan will get beat down and humiliated on national television. Disagree with you on that one, In reply to You thought losing to… by A Lot of Milk. I'm getting more and more sour on Shea Patterson the more I think about it... Holy shhh imagine thinking anyone could be nearly as good as Nico Frickin Collins. I think the real best part is that no Michigan fan will have false hopes that we will even be competitive. 3 best players? , In reply to Maybe I'm a sucker, but the… by ldevon1. In reply to Football is better than no… by Lakeyale13, You thought losing to Rutgers in 2014 was better than not playing football at all? Why do you think that is? Privacy Policy But outside of 2011, Michigan has not had the better, or at least more healthy QB in nearly 20 years. Biggest wasted potential in Michigan history? This is further evidenced by several NFL players who have opted out. Michigan quarterback Dylan McCaffrey (10) fakes a hand off to running back Zach Charbonnet (24) during their college football game against … In reply to I just don’t understand why… by CFor88. There have been dozens of players who opted out, many before the B1G even postponed. I didn’t expect them to even be competitive but they fought hard until the very end. They entered those games on autopilot (and in the case of the Iowa game, emotionally drained from the PSU game the weekend before) and paid the price for it. Yes, shifts in the game happen and nothing lasts forever. And when he did, it was a bad throw. Good to know that fans are back to hating the team they so vociferously demanded play. No. If you had, "Pandemic cancelled football season but then restarted but minus three top players" on 2020 bingo, you'd be a big winner today. New school: ??? Brown hasn't shown an ability or willingness to adapt to what OSU has been throwing at him the last two years, and that's resulted in Day scoring 111 points on Brown's defense in that timespan. It was too close and you can’t really tell if he made it or not. We had a defense far more loaded with playmakers in 2018, a stacked DL, going up against an OSU offense that was talented, but far less balanced than it is now, not to mention their team was more or less in complete disarray up until that point.

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