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[66] After this crime, the community was not founded. [22], During the Hussite Wars the town was completely destroyed for the first time in 1431. In addition, Christian Zwanziger (Greens), who was elected via the Middle Franconian district list, is also represented in the state parliament.

Even before it was foreseeable how many refugees could be expected, the margrave decided to found the new town of Erlangen as a legally independent settlement south of the small town called Altstadt Erlangen. und Arduin(DD H II)| Diplome", "Deutschland: Wahl zum 8. In 2002 ELIA was awarded the "Fantasie des Glaubens" (Fantasy of Faith) prize by the EKD for the LebensArt church service project.[57]. The latter had for many years the seat of its Moderamen in Erlangen. ("Let's go up the mountain!"). Although their protective function during the Cold War and the jobs associated with stationing were welcomed, the frequent conflicts between the soldiers and the civilian population and numerous manoeuvres were a constant source of offence. In Erlangen itself, a property deal from the year 1288 gives the first indication of church life, because it was recorded "in cimiterio", i.e. The city was headed by two mayors who changed every four weeks.

[37], Due to the numerous problems, there were already considerations in the mid-1980s to relocate the garrison from the urban area. In World War I, both Erlangen regiments, which were subordinated to the 5th Royal Bavarian Division, fought exclusively on the Western Front. On 2 April 2000, the congregation inaugurated a new prayer room in Hauptstraße. [48], Increased demand for urban homes has led the population to grow further in the 2000s, with predictions claiming the city would reach over 115,000 residents in the 2030s within the current urban area. [108] After the departure of the American troops, the new Röthelheimpark district was built on the vacated site, where Siemens Medizintechnik (Siemens Medical Technology) built further production facilities and office buildings. In Büchenbach the Bamberg cathedral provost allowed 1681 Jews to settle. The threatened closure was only averted because Erlangen had the only Lutheran theological faculty in the kingdom.[39]. In 2002 Erlangen celebrated its thousandth anniversary. In 2003, the IGZ was supplemented by the Medical Technology Innovation Center (IZMP), which supports in particular start-ups and innovative companies in the fields of medical technology, pharmaceutical research and biotechnology and genetic engineering. On average, 2500 soldiers and 1500 relatives were stationed in Erlangen in the 1980s. When in 1781 the administration of the Franconian Knights' Circle was transferred to Erlangen, Margrave Alexander granted the Catholic nobles permission for private services. [40] While in the early years law students were at the forefront, at the beginning of the Bavarian period the Faculty of Theology was the most popular. This is an outdoor event frequented and enjoyed by Franconians. 1948 saw the reorganization of the community, which split into two subcommunities in 1975. (DD O II / DD O III)| Diplome", "dMGH | Band | Diplomata [Urkunden] (DD)H II: Heinrich II. The Veste was located in the west of the city. From 1129, members of the noble family "von Erlangen" appear as witnesses in notarizations. After an increase to approximately 10,000 people in 1800, the population of Erlangen fell once again as a result of the Napoleonic wars and reached 8592 in 1812. With the introduction of the Reformation by Margrave George the Pious in 1528 in Erlangen, the Catholic life of the church was extinguished completely for many years.

The NSDAP was represented in the city council from 1924. It was even believed that this court could have been located in the Bayreuther Straße 8 and given away without mention by the certificate of 1002. Jehovah's Witnesses registered their first meeting in Erlangen on 22 March 1923, but the police did not approve it. During the Kristallnacht, the Erlangen prayer hall was destroyed and the synagogue in Baiersdorf demolished. The number of members of the local advisory board depends on the number of inhabitants of the respective areas and varies between five and seven. Here are all the details of Erlangen available below.

These two squares are described in the document only by their lengths and the two river names. [17] Emperor Henry II confirmed this donation in 1002 and authorized its transfer from the bishopric to the newly founded Haug Abbey. The "Erlanger Zeichensteine" (Erlangen Sign Stones, sandstone plates with petroglyphs) in the Mark-Forst north of th… In the prehistory of Bavaria, the Regnitz valley already played an important role as a passageway from north to south. Those who could not leave Germany in the following wave of emigration were deported to concentration camps, where most were murdered. Beginning in 1928, the number of parishes in Erlangen rose from one to twelve within 70 years. At the end of 1860 Erlangen exported three times as much beer as Munich. Due to numerous incorporations, the population of the city rose to 30,000 by 1925 and again in the following decades, reaching 60,000 in 1956. The beer is served at wooden tables in one-litre stoneware jugs under the trees of the "Berg", a small, craggy, and wooded hill with old caves (beer cellars) owned by local breweries. The districts and statistical districts are partly formerly independent municipalities,[6][7] but also include newer settlements the names of which have also been coined as district names. The following municipalities or nonmunicipal areas are adjacent to the city of Erlangen. The nature reserve Exerzierplatz, a 25 ha sandy biotope, which was established in October 2000 is part of the Franconian sand axis. The Bavarian Army was housed in various municipal buildings and used, among other things, today's Theaterplatz square for its exercises. The Seventh-day Adventists have been represented in Erlangen since at least 1903. The number of full professors rose from 20 in 1796 to 42 in 1900, almost half of whom were employed by the Faculty of Philosophy, which also included the natural sciences.

They are listed clockwise, starting in the north: The unincorporated area Mark, the municipalities Möhrendorf, Bubenreuth, Marloffstein, Spardorf, and Buckenhof, and the forest area Buckenhofer Forst (all belonging to the district of Erlangen-Höchstadt), the independent cities of Nuremberg and Fürth, the municipality Obermichelbach (district of Fürth), the city of Herzogenaurach, and the municipality Hessdorf (both in the district of Erlangen-Höchstadt). Since 1977, the city of Erlangen has been using a signet with the lettering Stadt Erlangen, created in 1976 by the Munich designer Walter Tafelmaier, who graphically implemented the motto "Erlangen - open by tradition", as a distinctive mark alongside the city coat of arms. The icon … The construction of a prayer house, which Margrave Friedrich had promised several times, always failed due to the fierce resistance of the magistrate and the Protestant or French Reformed clergy. The census population of the federal states of Germany. This probably also happened at the instigation of shopkeepers living in the main street who, like the passing American troops, found the baroque gate an obstacle to traffic because of its relatively narrow passage. In 1963 the company became part of Siemens AG. The company mainly manufactured measuring instruments such as the world's first photoelectric exposure meter OMBRUX from 1933 onwards. As the strongest faction, the CSU has 17 seats, the SPD has 15 (and additionally the Lord Mayor), the joint election proposal of Alliance 90/The Greens and Grüner Liste has 8, the FDP has 4, the Erlanger Linke, the ÖDP and the Free Voters each have 2 seats. Only the baptismal font and a wooden statue of the Good Shepherd remind us of the former prayer house.[60].

Measure for growth: Number of new cases per day and 100,000 inhabitants. Geographic Information regarding City of Erlangen.
Above them, the buildings were newly erected. Erlangen is divided into the following Gemarkungen: Some still common names of historical districts were not taken into account with the official designations. Currently these are Susanne Lender-Cassens (Green List) and Elisabeth Preuß (FDP). Throughout the entire population the bicycle is a common means of transport. The family had numerous possessions in and around Erlangen as antecedents of the von Gründlach imperial fiefdom. The local advisory councils are consulted on important matters concerning their districts.[72]. In 1853 the Reformed congregations of Bavaria received their own synod and in 1919 they formally separated from the Evangelical Church of Bavaria. The Adventists take an active part in the events in Erlangen.

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