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Episode Chronology Not wanting to face the President empty-handed, he extracts Claire's location from Mr. Bennet's mind, and then shoots his former ally (Hana Gitelman was also killed prior to the confrontation between Parkman and Bennet). Talent will not; nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent. About The Author. Marie Force is the New York Times bestselling author of more than 50 contemporary romances, including the Gansett Island Series and the Fatal Series from Harlequin Books. Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. While there we see Peter is with Niki;  Peter's power of invisibility is evident. For him, the hunting and, eventually, extermination of other superpowered people is all part of his "eliminating the competition". When my cosmo and his Budweiser had been delivered, he offered a toast. Just as they thought now its over future Hiro is shot and has the picture of what Hiro has to do and then he dies. One Five Years Gone: A Story About Grief May 12, 2020 tuskmagazine 0 Comments CSUF, death, Grief, loss. I relive every minute I can remember, every conversation, every special moment. I want to know every single thing there is to know about you.”. It is the last episode before the three-part finale of season one. Furthermore, an exhaustive search for information on the John West I had known led nowhere. From a New York Times bestselling author, Five Years Gone is an epic story of love, honor, duty, unbearable choices and impossible dilemmas. The Hard Part. I tried to locate his parents and other people he mentioned, but it was like they didn’t exist. Hiro looks at the comic strip of him killing Sylar and says, "Now, the hard part". We didn’t talk about the future. He called it his “go bag.” I’d thought nothing of it. © Marie Force/HTJB, Inc. Privacy Policy. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Learn how and when to remove this template message, Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series, TV Recap: Heroes - Chapter 20 - Five Years Gone, "Interview with Joe Pokaski and Aron Coleite", "2007 Emmys CONFIRMED Episode Submissions", Beaming Beeman: Episode 20: Five Years Gone,, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 18 April 2020, at 00:12. As present-day Hiro expresses his shock at seeing his own death, Mohinder pushes Future Hiro's katana into his hands and tells him to go quickly. What happened thirty seconds ago?”, I thought about taking back my hand but didn’t. It wasn’t like me to leave a bar with a man I’d just met. Mr. Bennet and Hana Gitelman work to hide heroes and their families, giving them new identities and moving them to keep them safe. Five years ago today, we watched the horror unfold on live television. That was five years ago. I noticed gold on his collar, a hint of late-day scruff on his jaw and the name WEST in bold black letters on his chest. I love him as much today as I ever did. Though Claire doesn't want to leave because shes in love with a Texan and are getting married but he doesn't know her power. Chapter # It’ll be nice to be back with people who love me and care about me, even if they tend toward smothering at times. The world has moved on from that awful day, but I’m stuck in my own personal hell, waiting for a man who may be dead for all I know. Thank you for the save.”. It’s probably long past time, if I’m being honest with myself. Nathan lied to the public to protect his brother, and blamed Sylar for the explosion. Hiro and Ando find future-Hiro. I know New York when I hear it.”, “I’m from Purchase, upstate from the city. I knew on the day of the attack that our lives were changed forever. The worst part is I have no idea where he is. Deciding to live dangerously for once, I asked for a cosmopolitan. Mr. Bennet goes to talk to Matt and tells him where Future Hiro and Ando are. I can do this. Editorial Review No editorial review at this time. The world has moved on from that awful day, but I’m stuck in my own personal hell, waiting for a man who may be dead for all I know. At my sister’s wedding, I meet Eric, the brother of the groom, and my heart comes alive once again. I am in awe with this book and cannot get it out of my head. Cody is lost in tears. The title was changed to "Five Years Gone", and "String Theory" was used as the title of Chapter 30 in the graphic novels.[1]. Five Years Gone Least he can do is buy you a drink.”. Joe Pokaski Airdate He shoots and kills Bennet. I’ve been through worse, and I’ll survive this the same way I’ve survived everything else. In the original timeline, Hiro had stabbed him before the explosion, but Sylar had already succeeded in killing Claire Bennet at her high school Homecoming, absorbed her regenerative powers, and survived. Mr. Bennet has made a secret bargain with Parkman, however, to turn over individuals with "dangerous" powers, while Parkman allows Mr. Bennet to continue helping others with "harmless" powers, including Parkman's own son. "Five Years Gone" is the twentieth episode of the first season of the American science fiction drama series Heroes. Hiro and Ando land 5 years into the future and they find a timeline (represented in string) of the past events that happened before and after the NYC explosion that occurred. Other than occasional trips home for holidays and other occasions, I’ve been gone more than ten years. Four thousand lives extinguished in a heartbeat. He shows them how to avoid capture by faking a quick-reacting blood test with regular blood they must carry with them. Peter then gets pulled out of that room through the door and he sees Nathan and he tells him that Nathan would never and could not do this so Sylar reveals himself. This episode was originally known as "String Theory". My sister is getting married next month. One day he was living with me, sleeping next to me, making plans with me. Maybe I won’t. One of them is from Staten Island, which is about as New York as it gets. Mr. Bennet then goes to Claire where she works as a waitress at a diner in Texas and tells her that other people know that she is here and tells her to leave. What I didn’t know then was that I’d never see John again after he deployed. “So four years at the University of California San Diego didn’t scrub the New York out of me?”, Laughing, he said, “Hardly. My old man is a retired general. But Bennet already knows she is alive. “I… Yes, I’m fine. Grief showed up as partying from the afternoon to early morning wearing whiskey as cologne and dropping out of college for the second time. Chapter Upon hearing this, Sylar, still disguised as Nathan, flies away in front of a crowd to whom he just gave a speech about the last five years, effectively revealing to them that he too is a super-powered individual. "After Sylar exploded, the world became a very dark place. Also Ando learns that he was killed in the explosion in New York. 1 Plot summary 2 Starring 3 Memorable quotes 4 Trivia Hiro and Ando land 5 years into the future and they find a timeline (represented in string) of the past events that happened before and after the NYC explosion that occurred. In the 18-49 demographic, "Five Years Gone" earned a 5.4/13 ratings share. You name it, I’ve lived there.”, “Right here.” He turned that intense gaze on me, and I went stupid in the head. She becomes a brunette and goes undercover as a waitress in Midland, Texas at the Burnt Toast Diner, the same place Charlie Andrews worked at, using her adoptive mother's name, Sandra. I pick myself up off the floor and steel my heart for the day ahead. He crashed into me as I left the ladies’ room and kept me from falling by grabbing my arms to steady me. “If they know what’s good for them.” His teasing grin kept the comment from being overly cocky. I accomplished all my goals, finishing college, landing a decent job and falling in love with the man of my dreams. Nonetheless, the explosion did occur and, in reality, Peter was the cause of the blast in the alternate timeline. Sitting on the floor in our apartment, surrounded by boxes, I take a few minutes before the movers arrive to memorize every detail of the place where we lived together. Before that night, I’d never been there, and I’ve never been back. Sylar reveals himself to Peter and they prepare to battle. Written by Joe Pokaski and directed by Paul Edwards, the episode aired on NBC in the United States on April 30, 2007. Education will not; the world is full of educated derelicts. A US-based cruise ship blown up by suicide bombers. If truth is more powerful than fiction, Ms. Force blurs the line between the two.” —5 Stars from Isha Coleman, “An incredible moving novel. This story is all about the characters, and what wonderful, developed characters they are. I went with a friend from school who was interested in one of the military guys. “Five Years Gone is a story of loss, love, and above all strength. I am in awe with this book and cannot get it out of my head. “I’m a first-timer.”, “I wasn’t impressed until about thirty seconds ago.”, As if he had all the time in the world to give me, he leaned against the wall. “And go where?”, He leaned in so his lips were close to my ear. “Is that right? So Mohinder kills the Haitian and now Peter and future Hiro can use there powers again. “I love you. 120 I bear no resemblance whatsoever to the girl who left home at eighteen seeking independence from her overbearing family at a faraway college out West. As Claire realizes he is Sylar, not Nathan, Sylar kills her. By Michael Quintero. They use there powers to get through but need help getting to Hiro because the Haitian is blocking there powers but then Mohinder finds out that this could all be changed if Hiro goes back and kills Sylar. I know some guys from New York. Peter generates fire with his hands, while Sylar surrounds his with ice.[3][4]. This episode was watched by 11.92 million viewers. Unlike my friend, who loved men in uniform, I was never turned on by the uniform. Maybe that part of my life ended with him, and even though I’m only twenty-eight now, I’m okay with that possibility. Volume Marie Force, Gansett Island, Quantum Series and Fatal Series are registered trademarks with the United States Patent & Trademark Office. (June 2011) (Learn how and when to remove this template message) "Five Years Gone" is the twentieth episode of the first season of the American science fiction drama series Heroes. John was celebrating the promotion of one of his buddies. Future-Hiro takes Ando to Las Vegas where they find Jessica/Niki as a stripper and she tells them where they can find Mr. Bennett. Shaun doesn't tell either of them that he freaks out on his own. And though I know it’s the right move at the right time, that doesn’t mean my heart isn’t shattering all over again as I dismantle the place where we were us. The next day he was gone. She is engaged to Andy (Kellan Lutz), a fellow worker at the diner. Than they talk but they are about to battle Sylar with ice and Peter with Fire but on the other side of the door Mohinder is trying to keep the door closed and Hiro and Ando go back to the past and Hiro says now the hard part starts and it shows him killing Sylar. Five Years Gone (Book) : Force, Marie : "An epic story of love, honor, duty, unbearable choices and impossible dilemmas"-- Provided by publisher.I knew on the day of the attack that our lives were changed forever. I’d turned twenty-one only six months earlier. Her son Micah was killed in the explosion that destroyed much of New York. Future Hiro, last encountered in the episode "Hiros", is featured more prominently, this time as the world's most wanted terrorist and a master of Battōjutsu. Now, with hindsight, I realize the bubble was strategic on his part. Ando and future-Hiro, however, avoid being captured. We didn’t make couple friends. Prev. Future-Hiro and Ando visit Bennet and tell him that Claire is alive because Peter saved the Claire in a past time line. Today was my deadline. Story is told in multiple POV and it gives you all the feels. He doesn't quite understand yet that his mom is gone not for a day or a week or a month, but for an open ended period of time. Matt reveals to Nathan that he has found his daughter in Texas.

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