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Joe Rogan:        … they’re confused, but when you’re talking about your neuro link and this idea that one day we are going to be able to share information, we’re going to be some sort of a thing that’s symbiotically connected. Elon Musk:        It will be at some point indistinguishable from reality. Joe Rogan:        That’s interesting, “for other people.”. Elon Musk:        She seems to be doing okay. Want some more of these? Is there anything that you would change? Like you’re getting right up to the source as it comes out of the earth and you’re sucking that sweet, sweet love water. While you’re digging holes under the earth, and sending rockets into space, and powering people in Australia, how the fuck do you have time to make the car dance ballet? Literally under bribes for … He was-, Elon Musk:        Was this an elected judge or-. No, it’s not.

Joe Rogan:        I know you have Ludicrous mode. Elon Musk:        If you look at say, automotive regulations. I made those comments some years ago. That was probably not in the PG section. That’s a weird … you’re a weird person, right? creature that’s superior to people.

Joe Rogan:        People are laughing right now. No, it’s really good. Joe Rogan:        It just cuts people off. I would like to cynically deny that. But nobody’s paying for it. Your cortex and limbic system are in a symbiotic relationship. Joe Rogan:        That would help your product. But thing about it is, it’s mechanical. What could potentially be holding you guys back right now? You shouldn’t buy one. I was like, “Damn these chimps are mean.”. Joe Rogan:        Well, most people wouldn’t, but they can’t be you. Unlike many of Rogan… Fuck motors.

Joe Rogan:        In his day, there was very few people like him. It takes lots of takes because everything is on a green screen. No, definitely not.

That we’re fueling this thing that’s constantly around us all the time. Ever? But we should not think that this is somehow broadly descriptive of people in that profession. I was like, “Holy Cow.”. Does that give you a ten percent boost to happiness?

Elon Musk:        Exactly. But the comparison is the thief of joy really holds true to … Is it? Go live in the simulation. It’ll turn traction off and then turn it on a couple of inches, right after the ice.

Elon Musk:        Yeah. You know, people still sue us. Elon Musk:        It will correct itself before it goes sideways. That was annoying.”. That’s why electric cars … It matters whether electric cars happen sooner or later. I don’t know what it is.

Elon Musk:        Well, I mean, you could argue that any group of people, like, a company is essentially a cybernetic collective of people and machines. Joe Rogan:        Yeah, Ford rode out that crazy storm, huh? Joe Rogan:        Now, I showed you the isolation tank, and you’ve never experienced that before?

Do you believe that there are many, many universes, and that even if this one fades out that there’s other ones that are starting fresh right now and there’s an infinite number of them? So, if you have it exposed it could function for a certain amount of time on solar. Most people are pretty good people.”. And meets all California seismic requirements. Joe Rogan:        … you’re going to drop that hole in the ground. Elon Musk:        But that would be an interesting idea. Joe Rogan:        They realized well, she’s just a person that’s just a girl who likes sex, and is just alive and has a boyfriend, and sends him messages, and now you get to look into it. Like, there’s a vast base of industry, vast transportation system … Like, there’s two-and-a-half billion cars and trucks in the world. Elon Musk:        Technically, yes. Elon Musk:        Not that SpaceX … SpaceX is no walk in the park, but a car company, it’s very difficult to keep a car company alive. Doesn’t look cool.

Joe Rogan:        Terrible movie. Elon Musk:        Seems like the should recalibrate that thing. You’re not supposed to do certain things that could be terribly damaging even though they’d be profitable. Joe Rogan:        It’s weird, though, right, that in this age, where there’s ludicrous mode in your car, goes 1.9 seconds zero to 60. I said don’t buy this flame thrower. Joe Rogan:        Back in the Gangs of New York days.

Joe Rogan:        Maybe that’s why everybody’s into like Mason jars and shit.

Elon Musk:        Yeah. So you think that tunnels are the way to do it? Like, with a little patch of ice, because in the frame of the electric motor, you’re moving incredibly slowly. Joe Rogan:        I could agree more. Joe Rogan:        That I’m on record saying this in the past. Joe Rogan:        Pass that whiskey. Joe Rogan:        You might. They speed up. Elon Musk:        We do our testing on like an ice like in Sweden. Joe Rogan:        How much can you talk about that right now?

Elon Musk:        Most police are very honest.

Joe Rogan:        Yeah, they had a dealership, or-, Joe Rogan:        The Fisker Karmas were parked-. Elon Musk:        Or on your roof. Exactly.

Elon Musk:        The universe as we know it will dissipate into a fine mist of cold nothingness eventually. Instead of like one Tesla, there was a million Teslas. I mean, I was really going on the warning quite a lot. The world is ending.” It is want it is. “Give people the benefit of the doubt – Assume they’re good until proven otherwise.

With Tesla, I try to make things that people love.

Elon Musk:        No.

Elon Musk:        Yes. They think that I’m a business guy or something like that. So if there’s a storm, you want to be in a submarine. If you pull out that blade. Joe Rogan:        What happens if your car gets a little sideways? All Rights Reserved. They catch it quickly. Joe Rogan:        Neil deGrasse Tyson, Neil deGrasse Tyson was in here last week.

Joe Rogan:        It’s very good to meet you. Like, they’ll have some accident at 60 miles an hour, where they just twisted an ankle, and they sue … Like, they would be dead in another car. So now you’ve got “if i just check this box i get $8,000,” “put them on a ventilator for five minutes you get $39,000,” or i’ve got to fire some doctors. You take pictures and you send pictures to people.

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