ka makana ali'i foodland farms

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Foodland's first in-store, full-service restaurant and bar spotlighting a menu of mouthwatering local farm-to-table dishes. document.body.removeChild(script); } this.validEmail = /.+@.+\..+/ } if (input.id === 'signup_email') return;

Mahi ‘ai Table pays homage to local farmers, ranchers, purveyors and food producers. I was very impressed with how quickly and easily the dishes came together. Suite 1704. for (var i = 0; i < inputs.length; ++i) { var input = inputs[i]; if (input.name.indexOf('signup') >= 0) { _this = this; } tempIFrame.style.width='0px'; var dropdownEl = input.parentNode, var iframesrc = adbackhost+dataString;

Hello...welcome Foodland Farms! } this.submitForm(); } Ka Makana Ali'i is the home for it's newest FF located in the hometown of beautiful Kapolei.Come and visit...come and see...come and shop...come and eat!This new location has it all! Plus, exclusive eats made just for the West Side, curbside pickup and delivery and our first in-store restaurant! Mon 7am-10pm. Waited a few minutes outside to get into the store and proceeded to walk around. }

} function plusSlides(n) { } if (typeof Widget === 'undefined' || !Widget.BasicDropdown) return; //-->. Foodland Chairman and CEO Jenai Wall says, “We want family and friends to take time out of their busy schedules, just like in the good ‘ol days, to enjoy each other’s company over ono local comfort food.”. View this week's offers.

if (this.validEmail.test(email.value)) { for (var i = 0; i < elements.length; ++i) { inputs[j].onchange = function(){ _this.validate() }; ADDRESS. var i; this.formSubmitting(); var adbackhost = (("https:" == document.location.protocol) ? } Limit one offer per customer, per day. Plus a build-your-own Bowls station with greens, grains and protein. formSubmitting: function() { tempIFrame.setAttribute("id","ADBACKPlugFrame"); Foodland Farms Ka Makana Ali’i is the newest destination for food, a grocery shopping and dining experience like no other. [CDATA[// >

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