live fast die young lyrics

Live Fast, Die Young Lyrics: And I wanna show you how you all look like beautiful stars tonight / Oh he sounding good! The intro sample “And I wanna show you how you all look like beautiful stars tonight” its from a live preformance by Rick James! Maybe we wanna die young Live fast, then we die young Live fast, then we die young We live fast, then we die young It's never been in my fate to run I was born to chase the sun Mama always told me, I was like no one But I know when the time comes It's never been in my fate to run I was born to chase the sun Mama knew I wouldn't be here for long Might as well just spit and die Live fast, die young Who cares about the world when it soon will be gone Burn fast, die hard There is no future and there's nowhere to run I won't support the lies of saving our world We're already out of time and soon we all gonna burn … Awesome beat. TRULY underrated. On “Live Fast, Die Young,” Kanye and Ross raps about the fun and taking on the mentality of living the good life and dying before all the consequences come. Needs to be there! love how ross comes back on the third verse from nowhere seemingly, Avex Recording Studio (Honolulu, HI) / Zenith Studios (Atlanta, GA), Young and radical, methods are mathematical, Let my convertible marinate on the avenue, Every time we hit the charts, niggas shoot up like a fiend, What you see me wavin', Vacheron Constantine, Twenty-four karat gold, eighty carats worth of ice, I live for the moment, and put a bullet on that, And I'mma never let the dream turn to Kruegers, You can go 'head and sneeze cause my presence blessed you, And I know it's superficial and you say it's just clothes, When she walked up out the dressing room, the store just froze, Seems like we gettin' money for the wrong things, Look at Haiti, children dyin' round the clock, nigga, I sent a hundred grand, but that's a decent watch, nigga, I'm gettin' better, cause it woulda leased a drop, nigga, And if I die today bury me in a dope-ass watch. And Ross isn’t even too bad on this track. Live Fast Die Young Lyrics: Here in the city where the sun beats down on the streets / My demons talking to me, and they just trying to eat / Sunset's …

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