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Photographs by John D. & Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation. Dr. Rowe discusses research published by the Network in December 2009 in The Milbank Quarterly, which finds that current government projections may significantly underestimate the future life expectancy of Americans by 3.1 to 7.9 years. Will the society of the future be one of aging “haves” and “have nots”? Sign up for periodic news updates and event invitations. In 2016, she became the first African-American woman to win a Hugo Award for best novel (for the first book in her Broken Earth trilogy). 2011 : 6897785 Ellen MacArthur Foundation … The network also examined the impact of technology on an aging society and how to keep older adults in the workforce longer. $16 Million to Black, Latinx, Asian, and Indigenous Arts Organizations, Transforming Systems for an Equitable Recovery, Critical Friends: Using External Partners for Evaluation. Policies and politics for an aging America “I was delighted, excited, shocked, a whole bunch of other adjectives,” Ms. Jemisin, a speculative-fiction writer, said of her reaction after being told that she had been selected for a MacArthur fellowship. Yet policymakers have been slow to recognize the implications of this unprecedented increase in longevity. “It presents me with a lot of freedom.”, That freedom is particularly tantalizing as Ms. Jemisin writes the second book in her Great Cities series, which imagines her home of New York City as being represented by sentient human avatars. 2011 Potential fellows do not apply but are suggested by a network of hundreds of anonymous nominators across the country, and then selected by an anonymous committee of about a dozen. Known colloquially as the “genius” grant (to the annoyance of the foundation, which sees “genius” as a much different concept than creativity), this year’s fellows include writers, performing artists, scientists and academics. “I will write my books first and sell them as I feel like selling them,” she said. The scientific contingent of the fellowship group also includes Paul Dauenhauer, 39, a chemical engineer focused on making products like plastic and rubber out of organic materials; Damien Fair, 44, a cognitive neuroscientist who studies how regions of the brain communicate with one another; and Polina V. Lishko, 46, a cellular and developmental biologist who is seeking new avenues for human infertility treatment. For Natalia Molina, 49, a historian and an American studies professor at the University of Southern California, the grant gives her a bigger megaphone that she can use to promote her scholarship, which revolves around uncovering connections among different racial groups across history. Going forward, the network will focused on three key themes: How can older people best be integrated in the broader society? (For one, she decided to move up a story point about the New York Police Department “going rogue and attacking the city.”). The MacArthur Foundation supports creative people and effective institutions committed to building a more just, verdant, and peaceful world. “We’re still just trying to grapple with the fact that everything won’t be a struggle,” said Ms. FastHorse, who is best known for writing “The Thanksgiving Play,” a satire about a drama teacher trying to organize a culturally sensitive Thanksgiving pageant. February 2010 He saw a call come in from a number from Chicago (where the MacArthur Foundation is based) and assumed it was from one of his contacts in the city, where he did ethnographic field work examining how social media has transformed the social organization of gangs. Ms. Jemisin is no stranger to receiving major, career-altering awards. The aging of America is a permanent change in the structure of society, not a temporary shift driven by the Baby Boomers, the authors say. Crafting a theory of social adaptation to aging entailed elucidating key values. Forrest Stuart, 38, a sociologist at Stanford University, happened to be in the shower at the time. He often gets phone calls from young, gang-affiliated men, who sometimes call with bad news, which is why he hopped out of the shower to answer the phone. Boersch-Supan, A, Heller, G, and Reil-Held, A. Over the past several months, the upheaval in New York has also upended the plot that she had imagined. The goal put forth by the network was a society characterized by intergenerational cohesion rather than conflict, where resources are distributed across age groups and where the opportunity to be engaged and productive is enhanced over the entire life course. : 1130306 OSCR Registration No. The network began by highlighting common myths about aging that prevent policymakers and the general public from understanding the true dimensions of the challenges that lie ahead. Ms. Jemisin, 48, said she typically writes under contract, meaning that her books are held to an agreed-upon timeline. Carrying out our work with a sense of urgency and flexible approaches that enable us to apply what we are learning. Sharing the results of our grantmaking and the lessons we learn as we carry out our work. Nor is there any consensus over what successful adaptation might look like.

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