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.learning, deep-thinking and typing up Samoan things. Is there any way I will be able to receive information on this please? I mean put her on blast in front of everyone. I talk a lot about depression and anxiety and my own struggles with it, so I wanted to get it.

I now believe that even the desire for a tatau is evidence that a person wants to connect with the Samoan culture, and that shouldn’t be discouraged. As for a non-Samoan tufuga ta tatau (master tattooist) yeah, I’m kind of against that, but that’s just my opinion. Tattoo: Lili Reinhart has a tattoo on the left side of her rib cage in black ink which is an upside down triangle with a horizontal line through it. Is the former an untattooed boy and the latter an untattooed man? After all, culture is really about people, right? Faafetai. Hi Rick.. I was at a faalavelave once where I seen a high chief yell at a girl who had the malu … Cause she didn’t know what she was doing during a sua. This post provides a video and written account of a deeply moving experience supporting a Samoan friend and colleague in receiving a Malu (female tattoo) on National Day in the South Pacific Pavilion of the Shanghai Expo. Another grouping of images might tell you about the status of a matai title in your family. Based on what he learned from this Sulu’ape, Tanuvasa helped me to understand the symbols that make up the va’a at the back of every malofie. The Sulu’ape title is carried today by several tufuga, but Tanuvasa conducted his interviews with the first Sulu’ape to gain widespread popularity outside of Samoa because of his level of skill, the man who eventually lived in South Auckland and died tragically in the 1990s. Posted by hamogeekgirl | Tatau Samoa, Le Api | 43. I am planning to base my thesis on the concepts, values, and aesthetics of the malofie. Thank you so much for your thoughts and for your encouragement. Maria Luisa called Malu is common among Spanish and Portuguese speaker as well, although really any Maria + Lu-name could work. I would like to find a tufuga in the states, If that’s possible, to get it done traditionally. I have so much more to learn still about symbols in the tatau, but I would expect other combinations of patterns to represent other inherently Samoan values: love, respect, courage and duty, etc. I am recently Goin thru a traditional Malofie with only the back to go this is been done by a cook island friend of over 25 years.
just like to add what a great read and very much look forward to the part 3. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

Malu is a word in the Samoan language for a female-specific tattoo of cultural significance. hi hamogeekfirl jst want to know so were is the samoan tatto originally from is it from fiji or is it from, this fiti town in samoa, Wow, I love reading your posts. I feel like they will think that I am mataga and will reject me altogether, so I thought that I should get a malu to prove that I am ready for this commitment, this title. If you didn't find an alternative name that you like better than Malu, try our name generator. It’s a sign of love and respect not for the tatau itself (which is still just a thing) but for other Samoans, for your parents and ancestors, for those of us who hold our traditions in our hearts.

But people should still make the effort to really learn about the Fa’asamoa – whether that comes before or after being tattooed.

Samoan Tattoo Meaning.

“I come up with an idea, wait 1 year, and if I still like it I’ll get it. This is the symbolism of her idea which tells that she is a “warrior” of love. I was wondering if you could email me with any other resources and information you have that will be able to guide me through my research.

One Samoana's Le Api is written (mostly) by a Hamo Geek Girl.

In my mind, they conjure up images of waking up in a remote village, understanding my place amongst family and friends, performing the typical chores of the day, and encountering objects, aromas, animals, plants and food unique to the environment of Samoa.

The name Malu is in the following categories: Hawaiian Names, Pacific Islander Names, Polynesian Names, Unisex Names.

Is that possible to have one of these done? Full Back Tattoos Full Body Tattoo Body Art Tattoos Girl Tattoos Tattoos For Guys Back Tattoo Women Full Woman Back Tattoos Back Of Neck Tattoos For Women Chicano Tattoos Motion Tattoo - Rémy.B Today we want to talk about the French tattoo artist Rémy.B, who took this next step, combining ornamentalism with some optical technique that allows you to get dynamics in a static image. The truly beautiful thing about a traditional Samoan tattoo is that every little symbol used has meaning, and names even. It just means that you should strive for a little bit of wisdom first before you rush to get a tatau done.

What I’m reporting is straight from my interview with Tanuvasa (I posted the audio of that part up there for you to hear). There appears to be some differences in opinion in the naming of the parts of the tattoo. In the meantime, I’ve just posted something like a Part II and a half lol. UPDATE: Part III is here! The pula tele represents a person’s extended family, while the pula tama refers to the immediate family. It allows you to go beyond the similarities of a name, which can provide a lot of inspiration! Are there any other social media sites that you can be followed on?

Please add to or correct the information provided by other members of the Nameberry community. As for a book? Wow… Sadly, though.. It can take years, maybe even a lifetime of study to learn all the names and meanings of every symbol in a Samoan tattoo. Hello there, my 7 year old daughter is doing her math in art project within samoan culture..And I really need help on defining the meaning of each lines in Figure 330-(a)…The first image breaks down into 6 separate lines…Please I need to know more about these lines.

I love the research you undertook HGG very thoughtful and articulate. Lili Pauline Reinhart is an American actress. My Nana was the Ali’i’s daughter, and therefore the highest taupou in the village: Nofoali’i. Tattoo: Lili Reinhart has a beautiful grey rose tattoo on her forearm inked by artist Dr. Theoretically, taupou title has been passed down to me and next time I go back home I am meant to have saofa’i. Meaning: The tattoo is the alchemy symbol for the earth as she is September born and her zodiac sign is a Virgo which is an earth sign. I think Malu is adorable. This is such a cute name! I didn’t really stick with my agenda, did I? First is the pula tele, the large upside-down triangle. Hope that helps , another great post…i love it….cant wait to read part three…..keep posting…..i hope you will publish a book someday….if you do have a book…let me know….i am dying to read one your books…, That is so flattering chadine. I am Tongan and even though we abolished the tradition of the Ta Tatau because religion, I think culture is always something we must embrace.. Another V-shaped motif is taken from the legs of the ‘ali, those wooden headrests old men in the islands use as pillows.
However, tattoo has also proven to be fluid and dynamic, continually defying one-dimensional definitions and singular meaning throughout its history. Your email address will not be published. These 16 names were selected by our users that were looking for other names like Malu. Also wondering what the difference is between a Tauleale’a and a Pulau’u? Name Malu Categories. She told People Style: I love roses, and I don’t want to stay it’s that basic, but also I got the rose to represent that I’m kind of a warrior for love. Not just to show, more to show I do have a connection, I’m sure people look at me and think yeah nah she’s not Samoan lol, Your email address will not be published. Hi… I have samoan tattoos ( i’m a tattooer)… i have colleagues who do this type of tattooing and I have had the pleasure of working as ‘stretcher’ for one…… i find this style of tattooing the most satisfying to do…. I’ve loved reading your articles, and they’ve been alot of help to me so far. Nameberry is a registered trademark of Nameberry, LLC. Please let me know via email ( Thank you again. The Truth about the Samoan Tattoo Tatau (Tattoo): Throughout Samoan history, tatau (tattoo) seems to epitomize the importance of the dressed Samoan body. It’s just my answer to the question we get a lot about the tatau: Before we get into this post, though, I just wanted to thank James (who left a comment in part 1) for pointing out something about the Samoan tattoo for men. I thoroughly enjoyed the read. I’m still learning about the tatau – I wouldn’t call myself an expert (yet)… but if you still need help, I’ll do what I can. ‘Arrow’ Tattoo. In this post, I was supposed to also cover: I promise I will try to be a lot less um long winded when I DO talk about those fascinating topics in my next post. Would it be disgraceful or less meaningful if a tatau or malu was not done traditionally but by needle instead?

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