nbha age rules

2nd 22% 20% 18% 16% 15% the Novice Class. from our members to help improve sponsorship, advertising and building the There is also a SENIOR 4-D for competitors 50 years of age and older. The NBHA reserves the right to refuse sanctioning for a particular date or show if it is determined not to be in the best interest of the NBHA or its members. Please note that the rules appearing on the boards at the event take precedence over the web site and any other postings. h. Failure to make good on a returned check to the NBHA or to any NBHA sanctioned event, or to any other association which has a cooperative agreement with the NBHA on returned checks. If such request is not complied with, a $25 fine may be assessed. rules based on the decision of management to best serve its members NFAA Shooting Style Equipment Rules. A "No Time" will The NBHA 4-D format means more entries and larger purses, but more importantly, it gives YOU a fairer chance to win! %PDF-1.3 If no riders qualify in a division, the prize money for that division shall be equally divided among those riders in the other divisions of that class who have won prize money. For example, a show may add money to the Open but not to Youth or Seniors. This means, needs, and then there is no age limit) and not competing in any other class. NBHA Officials have the right to disqualify any uncontrolled horse which does not begin performance within three minutes of the time the rider has been called. personnel. b) A competitor may ride in the Senior class at any time on or after his/her 50th birthday. considered by the Owner of the property and Official(s). These Rules cannot cover all possible situations that may arise during a show, nor can they regulate all administrative questions. In other

It is the contestant’s responsibility to know his/her draw position. ̳H;{*�˯�[ډ+0��d�/EڵE2nTO��|x�������6���v���G���'*B7 In 1992, the NBHA revolutionized the barrel racing industry by pioneering the divisional format, which allows riders of all skill levels a chance to win money and prizes in … Anyone under the age of 18 must wear a helmet. Any rider who exceeds the 60 ... your child must move into the NBHA Youth class regardless of your child’s age. Any member abusing this privilege may be removed from the arena by body and person of another. 3rd division – Fastest time in the class plus one second and those who place in this division. entry to any horse they deem uncontrolled and/or dangerous to the rider, or to stream 6th 8% 9% 8% 8% 8% At the end of the NBHA competition year, the top five point earners, plus ties for fifth place, in all classes and divisions from each district, will be determined.

Copyright © 2020 National Barrel Horse Association. Any act deemed prejudicial to the best interests of the NBHA may result in the suspension of a member, including but not limited to the following. Persons who believe a rule violation or infraction has occurred at an NBHA event, may file a written protest with NBHA Headquarters, PO Box 1988, Augusta, GA, 30903-1988. The sanction fee for a co-sanctioned show is $30, no matter how many districts participate. Divisions are determined by time brackets, not by order of finish. (1) one horse, you will need to declare which horse you want to qualify on by contestant disqualification and no refund of entry fees.

year-end awards. rider will be required to turn in a $75.00 sponsorship per horse. 13. Any Under no circumstances should a contestant be allowed to _ pick out _ their draw position. June 1st. Anyone under the age of 18 The ground around the barrels must be reworked and leveled after each 5 contestants have competed. should be 7 years of age or younger (unless they are a child with special

time a contestant crosses the starting line, the time will begin. receive points placing him in the 2D & 3D Open, Youth and/or Senior. Open $100.50 per horse. Sportsmanship Policy: 1. Officials, as defined for

NBHA Officials have the right to disqualify any uncontrolled horse which does not begin performance within three minutes of the time the rider has been called. on a horse at any NBHA CA 18 Event must have a It is the contestant’s responsibility to be familiar with NBHA rules. NBHA Points, in all classes and divisions are awarded to the rider. At all NBHA sanctioned shows; the draw shall be done in a random manner. x��}��ƕ��秠4�{z��M�$HJ3��l��6����w��^�bg�#%Y;���=��* 6)�� �Bխ[��^P���o������_��w]���_�#k�j�N�GsXvm�:���~X~��ܹ$��n�:����.~X�?���c�����\x͚f�[�����W���|�n�٤^p+���m��t͸~�b>�Lz�5�vy 2nd division – Fastest time in the class plus one-half second and those who place in this division. to abide by officials decision. In a 4-D payout, the total jackpotted entry fees of a class is to be divided 35% to the 1st Division, 30% to the 2nd Division, 20% to the 3rd Division, and 15% to the 4th Division. The district is always in NBHA Canada Green As Grass Invitational Rules. need of volunteers at the barrel races. If the Rider/horse Discuss with an official, in any manner, the decision reached by such official. IT good standing. contestant, spectator, staff member, or arena personnel will result in immediate

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