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But then something occurs — the Second Act Break. Annie has lost her MoH position, and is now desperate to hold onto her place as Lillian’s best friend (raising the stakes). Try these plot ideas to get your brain a’storming. So if we look at those turning points, we’ll be able to see the shape of the whole represented. The Midpoint raises the stakes and/or creates greater opposition to achieving the story goal, and as a result injects new energy into the story and sometimes drastically changes the direction it’s headed.
Satisfying stories tend to have a natural shape: beginning, middle, and end.
Mashable, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Studying screenwriting theory is great, but seeing how that theory shows up in actual movies (or screenplays) can drive the concepts home – and show you variations on the “rules.” So the next time you’re in research mode (aka bingeing movies), make sure to also look at them with an analytical eye. We dig deep into the films with the most effective use of plot points.

The Climax shows whether the goal is achieved or not, whether the problem is successfully addressed or not (aka how it all shakes out). So what happens at the 25% point of a 90-minute comedy will be identical to what happens at the same percentage of a three-hour epic. In The Fellowship of the Ring, the Fellowship finally faces off against the Orc army. But it’s not until he goes to finally meet Morpheus where the First Act Break presents itself in the form of a choice — blue pill or red pill.

These are the essential points in the life cycle of the story goal. Seriously. Some are realistic. 4. After the First Act Break, the protagonists venture well into the meat of the story. But there’s no mistaking the fact that they are the most commonly discovered plot points in a majority of great screenplays and great films. The terrorists are the problem, even though John isn’t aware of them yet (though he will be shortly). Plot Keywords Not every detail, but a sense of the whole. With The Fellowship of the Ring, the script introduces the history of Middle Earth in relation to the ring and then segues into the introduction of The Shire, including the likes of Frodo and Gandalf, the two lead protagonists of the story. When the movie ends we know Annie has solved her problem – she’s pulled off being Lillian’s MoH and best friend, and she’s made changes to put her own life back on the right track. Here’s the good news: if you’ve read a book or two in your time, then you’ve pretty much already seen the following movies… because when you break them down to the barest of bones, the plots are almost exactly the same. 1.

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