pyrmont power station history

Sitting watching the orange ladders swing as their supporting beams raise and lower with the movement of the water is mesmerising. air quality, Sydney species, Wildlife

The ANZAC bridge stands tall across Johnstons Bay. January 1921, Boiler House Extensions. The tall ship stands proudly moored alongside with more volunteers busy up the mast and on deck. contained in the State Heritage Inventory is correct.

air quality data, Air monitoring and records, Native There’s an informative video which explains how the plant works. The building helps to record the political decision of the day that this utility should be owned and managed by the public rather than the private sector.

Sydney Electric Light Co. power house building with 3 smoke stacks August 1919.

Pyrmont Power Station (Pyrmont ‘A’) was built by Sydney Council in 1904, providing electricity for industries and for domestic lighting and appliances. forecast, Air

Nearby, a small building housing the Darling Island Recycled Water Factory needs a closer look. The former Administration Building is an impressively detailed public building and its architecture is expressive of the spirit of progress that this power generating technology represented at the time and reflects the ebullient self confidence of the newly federated nation.

A young girl from Brazil asks me to take her photo, then I continue on to Metcalfe park. pollution, Air councils, For state By the late 1930s, the first turbo-alternators were nearing the end of their useful lives, and it was decided to redevelop the power station in 1938.

One claims that it is “a perfect place for a picnic”. The Pyrmont Power Station had been a big employer in Pyrmont and it had been a local landmark; its chimneys were well known visually as well as for the ash they spread over the locality.

Volunteers are busy restoring parts of the James Craig in a workshop in the Maritime Heritage centre. Unfortunately its often the case that we don’t have the time to stop and look around. Pyrmont Power House.

I enjoy looking at the detail of what is around me. It expresses the spirit of progress inherent in the power station's technology and the confidence of the period.

The principal room layout and planning configuration as well as significant internal original features including ceilings, cornices, joinery, flooring and fireplaces should be retained and conserved. Pyrmont Power Station (Pyrmont ‘A’) was built by Sydney Council in 1904, providing electricity for industries and for domestic lighting and appliances.

Two enormous spherical ‘digesters’ from CSR days rest in Waterfront Park where another sculpture, ‘Metamorphosis’, is made up of identical pieces all oriented differently. I drive past these places so often but never get out to explore them. I need to do more of what you are doing, Jo.

While Pyrmont is one of the most densely populated suburbs in Sydney, there is plenty of green space which is well used by the residents. It was also a major part of Pyrmont life and contributed greatly to its development, as well as to that of wider Sydney.

framework, Understanding With a wave of his stick he farewells me with “See ya hon. The view to the Harbour Bridge is magnificent. programs, Surveys, Thanks for your post once again. The menu is interesting and it seems popular with office workers.

recently Sushi donuts came up on my Instagram feed. The write up. The Star entertainment complex (formerly Star City Casino and before that, Sydney Harbour Casino) was built on the site of the Pyrmont Power Station, and retains some of that structure.

vegetation, Pests applications, Native vegetation clearing Environmental Trust, Awards and My horror of gambling is confirmed.

The complex was finally decommissioned in 1993, when larger power stations, close to coal mines, took up the slack. Sandstone quarries provided sandstone for many city buildings in the City including Government House and Town Hall. Squawking seagulls, runners and walkers join me in enjoying the view, the warm sun and sparkling water. Of the tenders received that of Messrs. Dicky Kerr and Co. Ltd. was the lowest and it was accepted.

In Pirrama Park (built on reclaimed land), a man practices yoga, people walk their dogs and others read in the sun. Copyright © Joanne Karcz 2020. The former Administration Building is the only remaining structure of the original 1904 construction of the Pyrmont Power Station and has high historical significance. As usual the Fish Market is teaming with tourists. Opened in 1902, it was closed to traffic in the 1980s and is now a pedestrian (and cycle) path. In 1985 the State government announced that a casino would be built in Darling Harbour.

recognition, For local In the event the transition was only completed by the 1950s, without completely dismantling ‘A’. Some are looking for new tenants.

park closures, fire and safety How lucky you are to live in such an historic and interesting place. Joanne. Another a comfy lounge setting. and soil information, Soil Their rent must be astronomical. The “Tied to Tide” sculpture is bigger and more impressive than expected.

licences, Native and plants, Parks, omissions please send your comments to the Preparations for construction of Switch Gear House 1919-1921 August 1918, Pyrmont Power House 5000 Volt Switch House construction November 1920, Pyrmont Power House 5000 Volt Switch House. All information and pictures on this page are the copyright of the Heritage Division It was associated with the operation of the power station throughout its life. This suburb is worth a visit if only for the interesting sculptures. It features rusticated sandstone footing walls, string courses and archivolts around semi-circular window and door openings.

As the Joanne behind Travel with Joanne, I hope to encourage you to explore Sydney beyond the usual tourist sights. I am pleased that you get something out of the blog. The Pyrmont Power Station Administration Building is an asymmetrical, three storey brick building with a slate tile roof (with exposed rafter ends in part). Parts of ‘A’ are incorporated in The Star, which was built by 1995.

It is a prominent building in the street. Central Sydney is therefore often referred to as "Eora Country". reserves and protected areas, Climate The building was designed as the public face of the station complex and is prominent in the street. My punt pays off.

animals, Threatened Every effort has been made to ensure that information Opposite the Pyrmont Bay Ferry wharf is the Welcome Wall, which recognises those who have migrated to Australia from across the seas.

network, Search

In Pyrmont Street, the original façade of the Pyrmont Power Station is all that remains of the 1904 building. Pyrmont Power Station. management, Park

guidelines, Current

heritage places, Cultures Download the Walking Map It seems fitting to walk across the Pyrmont Bridgeinto Pyrmont.

The café has a nice feel about it.

It’s hard to imagine the current peninsula filled with the sounds of quarrying, smoke from iron works and power stations and … approvals, National quality research, Water The building is a representative example of a Federation utility building. Thanks Heath. organisations, Scientific Conservation The walking path around Wharf 7, Darling Island and Jones Bay wharf provides an insight into a life very different from mine.

plant licences, Threatened species impact

The eight tall yet curious wooden structures apparently represent the timber used on wharves in the harbour. The walk. It was associated with the operation of the power station throughout its life. A sign for “Doshi” shows me where to find them. I on the other hand take the time to look around at this historic bridge whose swinging span enables vessels taller than 7 metres to pass through. The Pyrmont Power Station was the original generating station for the general reticulation of electricity through the Sydney city area and was one of the largest and most important generating stations in NSW for many years. When I plan to go again, I’ll be in touch.

Database Manager. There’s mosaic, and in Banks Street Reserve, a plaque indicating that this was Paradise Quarry. Although new machinery was imported and commissioned quite frequently, a decision was made in the 1930s to replace the original station with a new one – ‘B’. activities in parks, Development

Someone is calling my name and look up. Parking is expensive here, but a car share service is close at hand. The information for this entry comes from the following source. There, on the balcony of one of the high-rise apartment blocks is a friend from my daughter’s school days. When you explore the suburb for yourself, slow down, look around you and see what you can find. educators, For community A Heritage Assessment and Heritage Impact Statement, or a Conservation Management Plan, should be prepared for the building prior to any major works being undertaken.

In the square in front of Tablet house words engraved into a long strip of steel describe how Pyrmont got its name. I on the other hand take the time to look around at this historic bridge whose swinging span enables vessels taller than 7 metres to pass through. quality monitoring

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