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Relapse Records Europe. That is, unless you listen to mainstream pop crap. Home; Bands; Pre-orders; New Releases; Specials; Bundles; Vinyl The Official Relapse Records Europe Facebook Page Relapse Records has launched an official European/UK store to offer … Did Relapse Records gave up the european store for cheaper shipping rates across these territories, because in the store records are offered only in USD, not in EUROS anymore like it used to be. THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN "Miss Machine" Relapse Records Sold Out. 9.5K likes. One in a million I’d say. Load More Products. And then there are the returns for defective copies, and those returns they just have to eat because even if they sell them at a reduced price they are still going to lose money on them. American metal, hardcore/punk and experimental label founded by. The bottom line is stop buying your records from Amazon unless you have to - instead buy them from a record store or directly from a record company. A wealthy record store owner? (Box, Comp, Ltd, Col + LP, Bla + LP, Blu + LP, Mar), (CD, Album, Copy Prot., Promo, RE, RM, Car), Urine Trouble / Nothing Defeats The Skull, We Are Born Of Hate (Welcome To Motorcycle Hell), Contaminated (Relapse Records Sampler Vol. It is expensive to press records, especially the special vinyl that isn’t black vinyl like splatter and such. I suggest everyone purchase vinyl directly from the independent record company of their choice, especially Relapse, because they sign cool bands, and they pay their bands the royalties due to them. Okay, if you’re not not going to buy it directly from the independent record company, then definitely buy it from a record store, a so called brick and mortar store. 7). Email Updates: Special offers,deals,news! Subscribe . Browse for merch from artists such as DEATH, MASTODON, HIGH ON FIRE, NILE, MYRKUR and many more! Subscribe. The profit margin is very thin, and when they have to sell it at a lower cost to a store or a distributor, then the profit is even less. Those people are nuts - you know how tough it is to own a record store? Relapse Records is your one stop shop for all things Relapse Records! I would suggest people be careful when dealing with this label, I recently bought two mailorder exclusive deluxe versions but one was substituted with a mass market coloured vinyl and one had a pressing defect; I returned these at my own cost and was sent replacements, this time in black vinyl. The reason you should buy records directly from the independent record company is because the profit margin is very small. It’s next to impossible to make money unless you sell LOTS of records - there’s rent, utilities, store supplies such as shelving and then you gotta pay employees it gets rediculoysly expensive because each record you only make a couple of dollars profit and that’s got to add up to pay those expenses I listed PLUS you want to make a profit so you can keep your store open and feed and house and clothe your family, etc. Then why you’d be on Relapse’s page is a mystery. S U R V I V E "RR7349" Quick View S U R V I V E "RR7349" Relapse Records Sold Out. So forget what I said about buying directly from a record company - buy from a store - unless you don’t live near one or can’t go to the record store for various reasons such as you are homebound or there is another sad story.

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