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(Huh? In this humorous and powerfully motivating session, Talia will inspire you to live boldly and confidently.

This is my FIRST book!

So to be your best self, you have to put the best fuel into your tank.

So maybe you can ward off vampires, cool, but that’s not true happiness. Anxiety's the ultimate buzz kill. Filmed by my husband. Self-loyalty. I’m convinced that when we don’t live a life boldly aligned with who we actually are, life won’t work. We understand that every order is unique, and often needs the flexibility that only a dedicated personal representative can provide. I learned how to apply mascara at age 28. Privacy Policy | Terms of Use. “ Talia is an expert in leveraging your inner strength to live your brightest and most genuine life. The secret sauce is being unwavering in your willingness to feel uncomfortable.In this light-a-spark-in-your-soul program grounded in practicality, rooted in following your heart, enhanced with humor, and based on studies of the highest achievers, including Talia’s own experiences of getting rejected on the path to every great accomplishment — you’ll learn how to build the bravery to face (and embrace) your fears so you can do what you were born to do. Baby boldness is confidently aligning your outsides with your insides. Growing up I’d talk about my dream to “run in only a sports bra and own a Jeep Wrangler.” Dreams come true when you save money, scour CarGurus.com & just take your damn shirt off already! After a decade of helping peeps eat more plants, it’s become as clear as coconut water that a lack of recipes nor a deficit of food porn holds us back from being our best selves. The minute I saw it, I got the wind knocked out of me as I realized that’s the exact way to sum up my life philosophy. And social media, on which we now spend about four hours a day, doesn’t help one bit.

Hence me using a casserole dish as a cookie baking sheet. Lame. At a Broadway magic show (obsessed with magic! It shows real, busy, everyday people how to skyrocket their energy in their kitchen so they can be unstoppable outside of it. Numbers are gibberish. HOW WE'RE STAYING SAFE AND DOING BUSINESS.
Not being bold is not how you create a life that you’re truly psyched to wake up for.

hey, I’m talia AND I BELIEVE THE world is better when we’re our best. A scarcity of confidence. As a woman who went from being severely bullied and feeling like a misfit for most of her life to creating a nationally-respected personal brand backed by mainstream media and celebrated by tens of thousands of fans, Talia has discovered that the most important ingredient for a life beyond your wildest dreams is embracing your true self and using your authenticity to claim the success that was uniquely meant for you.

Talia Pollock is a writer, speaker, plant-based chef, TV personality, and health and empowerment coach.She's the host of the top-rated Party in My Plants podcast and the proud founder of Party in My Plants, an internationally-celebrated wellness platform that breathes fresh, funny air into the way-too-serious space of healthy living. What if the key to stressing less was laughing more? Being bold even when it’s hard, lonely and terrifying has led me to a life more phenomenal than I could even falsely curate on Instagram — and if you let me, I’ll help you use boldness to lead you to yours, too. Your consistent acts of you-ness is what makes you bold. It’s like trying to sauté garlic in a cold sauté pan: without your spark, without your fire, without your LIGHT…. And it’s having unapologetic authenticity to admit the things in life that we want. My weekly email will get you blowing yourself in no time. take a photo together with homemade yellow t-shirts that I used a sharpie to draw smileys on. To achieve your scariest goals and realize your biggest dreams, little acts of boldness are non-negotiable. And anyone who can read an analog clock might as well be in Mensa.

The 2019 Porchlight Business Book of the Year, © 2020 Porchlight. For most of my life, I struggled with undiagnosable digestive distress (OK – they called it “IBS,” which really means “I DUNNO”), food addictions, weight issues, chronic lack of energy, emotional problems and a hell of a lot of anxiety.I sought out every healer and tried every pill, test, herb, powder and positive affirmation I could find.
Talia Pollock: My podcast is the Party in my Plant's podcast. It means choosing what’s honest over what’s easy, doing things when it’s mega uncomfy, and never saying yes when you feel no. The longlist will be announced in November. We have updated our privacy policy. Obvious bold.

Except no. Maybe boldness sends your mind to screaming, streaking, and… Lizzo. Counting without fingers is impossible. The Institute for Integrative Nutrition featured this profile of my success story at their 5,000 person conference. Passing on happy hour because you know the hour after your body won’t feel happy. After almost a decade of helping peeps eat more plants as the CEO of the nationally recognized wellness company Party in My Plants, it became obvious that it’s not a lack of recipes nor a deficit of food pornography holding us back from being our best selves: it’s a lack of courage. Being bold means being unapologetically authentic, exercising courage when it’s uncomfy and never saying yes when you feel no.

Which is exactly what I’m here to empower you to do more of. It’s a lack of courage. She’ll make your heart warm!

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In this keynote, audiences will learn the most amusing, relatable, and lively approach to understanding self care and wellness and will likely leave saying “I never thought this would be so fun.” (Which is a repeat direct quote.) Baby boldness is executing every day courage. I’ll help you flip that. And will motivate you to want more from life. We have fun!

Outward bold. Because even the highest of achievers can’t control what happens to them; but they can control how they react to it, so get ready to be empowered and inundated with tools that’ll help you get a handle on anxiety and slow the roll of stress so you can live a better, more productive, happier, higher quality of life in college and beyond. It’s living in alignment with your values and quirks - without stressing or suppressing because of the cost on others. It’s about choosing daily how you show up.

It’s about choosing daily how you show up and then showing up in ways that prioritize yourself. I was voted "most likely to brighten your day" alongside my HS sweetheart.

One single life packed with unique dreams, authentic truths and personal values to act upon before we can’t. We offer a wide variety of services to help authors and publishers capture preorders, and accurately report the sales when they ship. 10 months after having our son, my husband and I decided to move closer to family and take on completely new vocations.

A scarcity of confidence. Amid the COVID quarantine, I made my Good Morning America debut!

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