tourist map of france

It has iconic monuments (Eiffel Tower, Arch of Triumph), world-renowned art (the Louvre, Orsay Museum), history around every corner, cafes made famous by writers and artists, and yes, some of the most magnificent food and shopping in the world. Use the key on the left (or below on small If that's the case, a good way to get to Paris is to take the channel tunnel Eurostar train service. You can book train service via Rail Europe from Paris to other points in France like Normandy, Nice, and the French Riviera, Burgundy, and the Loire Valley. If you're traveling inside France, the fastest way to go is via the TGV train. Nearly everyone who goes to France flies into Paris unless you're visiting London first. It's also the high travel season, and you will likely pay more for your hotel room and transportation and encounter crowds nearly everywhere you go. While you're in the South of France, don't miss Poitou-Charentes and Nice and the French Riviera. natural heritage in France. dictionary of modern France - key figures, institutions, acronyms, International tourists visit France to the tune of about 85 million per year, making France the top tourist destination in the world, even though it is smaller than the state of Texas. Explore every day. working in France, living in France, food and eating, education, As in nearby Sardinia, you might want to get away from the coastal cities and beach resorts and head to the interior for the best festivals and cultural events. most popular ones. tourist trails - a choice of the most beautiful French villages (not
Discover the best places to visit in France, not just the If you don't have the time, a week in Provence will have to do, and it will likely stimulate your urge to travel rather than diminish it. You have a good chance of experiencing some rain in both these seasons, but the showy flowers of spring and turning leaves of fall make up for those cloudy days. Search Lonely Planet. A carefully selected tourism map of France. Provence is the place in France just about everyone knows. Video. Taking the train is the easiest and best way to make these journeys unless you want to rent a car.
Spring and fall are romanticized in song as being the best times to visit Paris. C.H. smaller cities with plenty to see. They're all worth a look at. As well as locating the best big tourist During these seasons you'll likely find flights and lodgings that are a bit less than they are in the summer, so these are good times to go if your schedule allows it. August is the traditional time for the French to take month-long holidays, and during that month in Paris and other big cities, you will likely find a high percentage of tourists to locals.

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