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Happy with her new hairdo, Polly leaves the salon. Polly is impressed by the car that Pete tells her he has hired for the weekend. www.british60scinema.net/book-to-film-adaptations-in-the-1960s/up-the-junction The stone to the left belies Ingrave Street's intended name of Ingrave Road with a build date of, what appears to be, 1868. She becomes friends with two working-class sisters, Sylvie (Maureen Lipman) and Rube (Adrienne Posta). Region(s): London T-Z, South East R-Z. The Pavilion is seen in 'This is My Street' while the road on the far side of the viaduct features in 'Melody' and 'The Optimists of Nine Elms'. The Beach Hotel on Marine Parade, Worthing. In The New York Times, Renata Adler wrote of "the latest in the series of British working-class color films that seem to come from British directors with the regularity of episodes from "Our Gal Sunday," and it is by far the best of them. The same corner with the background construction long completed. Director: Peter Collinson You can't stop Neil when he is on a roll, that 'pie crust' bargeboard clinched it for him, Elm Cottage, Church Road, Barnes, London SW13, by Barnes pond. The film followed Ken Loach's BBC TV adaptation of 1965, but returned to the original book. (PW). To the right, the gasometers of Battersea Gas Works rise above the tangle of railway lines to the north of Battersea Park Road. (SD), At the finest hotel in town, the Concierge and a Porter hurry to assist the apparently wealthy new arrivals. Grosvenor Road SW3. It is very difficult to line up the pier supports accurately. Facing the corner of The Causeway and Fairfield Street, now Smuggler’s Way, with the gasometers of Wandsworth Gas Works filling the background. Two weeks at Ramsgate once a year. See next capture. This is Wandsworth Road with Battersea Gas Works and Battersea Power Station behind the roof of the Brooklands Arms public house and the railway paraphernalia of Nine Elms beyond the hoarding. Sign up here. Out of bed and spit it in the pot. All Critics (2) The northern end of Fairfield Street in SW18 with the gates of Wandsworth Gas Works ahead. Picking a way over bricks that were once the walls of parlours, kitchens and bedrooms, the two reach the remnants of a street. This is Southolm Street in SW11, underneath the viaduct carrying the railway between Battersea Park and Clapham Junction stations. (PW). (PW). After the boys drop the girls off outside Rube and Sylvie's house, Polly says goodbye before heading home. The film had a soundtrack by Manfred Mann, and a song by them, also called Up the Junction. Pete leads Polly through the gardens of a half demolished terrace. A lot of things are wrong with it, but a lot is going for it, too." Following a row in their hotel room, Pete leaves Polly and drives back to London. Lyricist Chris Difford said that the title phrase was lifted from the 1965 TV play version of the work, directed by Ken Loach, and the subsequent 1968 movie version. (SD). (PW). Up the Junction is a 1968 British colour film, directed by Peter Collinson and starring Dennis Waterman, Suzy Kendall, Adrienne Posta, Maureen Lipman and Liz Fraser. Search the BFI National Archive collections, Read research data and market intelligence, Suzy Kendall She is finding a flat of her own. Addresses some of the major 60s social issues - a bored rich London-girl from Chelsea decides to go "slumming" in depressed Battersea, getting a flat and starts factory-work and makes friends... of which one has to get an illegal abortion. We are always looking for more location identifications, information, snippets, anecdotes or references. Back outside, we're in the car park of the Stop Shop arcade. Racing against Ray and John, Terry speeds ahead through roadworks before he collides with a lorry that pulls out in front. Taken from outside the premises of Base Models in Arch 697, with thanks. The new friends pass Lads playing football in the factory yard. Neil tells us that this is Wandsworth Road SW8 facing the junction with Lansdowne Way with, to the top right, the white windows of The Bell public house, currently a second hand furniture shop. . Date: 1968. Company Credits On their way to see Polly's flat, Rube and Sylvie gossip about the various men who pass by as they walk. Cinemark Please reference “Error Code 2121” when contacting customer service. She later meets Peter, a nineteen year old second-hand furniture assistant, who aspires to be part of the world she has just left. Just confirm how you got your ticket. The same section of the promenade was also seen in 'The Birthday Party'. Rube tells Terry that shes riding in the Consul. In Chelsea, Polly Dean (Suzy Kendall) appears at her front door before getting into the waiting Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud. And a wooden box at the end of it. . We want to hear what you have to say but need to verify your account. Identified by Geoff Dodd, this is facing south on Sheen Lane in Mortlake SW14 with The Railway Tavern at number 11 on the left. # Day's begun and people rush, off to work by foot and bus; Open eyes and open minds, conditioned to the daily grind . (SD), Although Polly remarks that the boarding houses look lovely, Pete opts for the best hotel. Reviews, interviews and features from the international film magazine. | Don’t worry, it won’t take long. Gladstone Terrace in Battersea, beneath the viaduct taking the railway south from Victoria to Wandsworth. "This used to be my bedroom." Pete . Spot the dark chip in the plaster work to the right of the lamp. She is finding a flat of her own. [1] It is based on the 1963 book of the same name by Nell Dunn and was adapted by Roger Smith. Polly admires her new look in a window. She moves to Battersea and gets a job in a sweet factory where she is initiated into a way of life she had previously been sheltered from. Pushing open the door of an Estate Agency, Polly enters and asks Creely if there's any accommodation available. She declines a lift home on a motorbike. (RL), When she finds Rube in terrible pain, Polly phones Pete to come and collect them. Location (s): London, Surrey, Sussex. Facing east along Ingrave Street in Battersea. The second view, to the right, is taken further back from first showing what has replaced the path at the side of the factory with Lerwick House. The structure appears in many productions including 'Absolute Beginners', 'The Day the Earth Caught Fire', 'Pygmalion', 'Soapbox Derby', 'Col cuore in gola', 'The Mutations', 'Emil and the Detectives' and 'Panic'. The four chimneys in the right distance belong to the now demolished Fulham power station and the wall to the left is part of the former toffee factory used extensively in the film. It generated less controversy and impact than the Loach version. Future learning and skills – giving everyone the opportunity to build a lifelong relationship with film. She buys an armchair and a sofa... and also finds a kitten. Production Company: BHE Films, Crasto. Pete pulls away from outside the shop. Technical Specs, Beach Hotel, Marine Parade, Worthing, West Sussex, England, UK, Brentford High Street, Brentford, Middlesex, England, UK, Clapham Junction, Clapham, London, England, UK, Gladstone Terrace - now demolished, Battersea Park Road, Battersea, London, England, UK, Max Cafe, Wandsworth Road, Battersea, London, England, UK, Petergate, Wandsworth, London, England, UK, The Pavilion pub, Battersea Park Road, Battersea, London, England, UK, Warnes Hotel, York Road, Worthing, West Sussex, England, UK, White Hart Lane, Barnes, London, England, UK, Chelsea Bridge, Battersea, London, England, UK, Chelsea Old Town Hall, Kings Road, Chelsea, London, England, UK, Clapham Junction Station, Clapham, London, England, UK. It is based on the 1963 book of the same name by Nell Dunn and was adapted by Roger Smith. Date: 1956 Director: ... Maureen Swanson, Jerry Desmonde, Michael Caridia, Colin Gordon Location(s): Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, London. (PW). He presumes she wants to go to the West End but she says she wants to walk around the streets of Battersea. Hard to see what all the fuss was about (at least from this movie cash-in on Kenneth Loach's teleplay version of Nell Dunn's novel). This shot replaces Keith Mitchell's earlier Google view. |. Up the Junction. Every time a train goes by it rattles the house. Looking over the Thames towards Pimlico with a train heading south over Grosvenor Bridge. South of the river, Mrs. McCarthy (Liz Fraser) leaves the house with her daughters Sylvie (Maureen Lipman) and Rube (Adrienne Posta). Copyright © Fandango. Polly reaches the front door of her upmarket home. Up the Junction is also the name of a collection of short stories by Nell Dunn, first published in 1963. (PW). History. Dennis Waterman does the whole difficult thing exactly right. All rights reserved. Neil Rigby places this as 29 Belgrave Square, London SW1. # Lots of people rush down the street . The Warnes Hotel, Marine Parade, Worthing. The agent thinks the flat is not good enough for her. Neil Betterton locates this as the alley running southward towards Petergate in Wandsworth SW11 with Lerwick House in the background. . Date: 1968 . (SD), Walking and cycling are allowed on the promenade now, but not driving. [5] It generated less controversy and impact than the Loach version.[6]. A composite image created from two of SJ's comparison shots, on the left, the best one can do now. Coming Soon, Regal [4] The film followed Ken Loach's BBC TV adaptation of 1965, but returned to the original book. Parking his Lambretta, Pete walks into the flat where the girls sit chatting. Jonathan from jno forum.minder.org advises that this is Forbes House at Ham Common in Richmond, Surrey. Clapham Junction Approach identified by Mrs. B. Hearn who knows well, as she walked through there every day in the 1960s. (PW). # Day's begun and people rush, off to work by foot and bus; Through the factory gates they swarm, similar clothes by all are worn, overalls like uniforms . Pete jumps out of the minibus before carrying the chair into Polly's flat. Regal In the right background stands the chimney of the London County Council's Western Pumping Station alongside Grosvenor Bridge. With thanks to the guys looking after the car park of Shop Stop Clapham Junction. The area also appears in ‘All Neat in Black Stockings’. Looking north-east on High Street in Brentford, Greater London towards a location seen in ‘Hell Drivers’ with a gas holder belonging to Brentford Gas Works in the distance and the Red Lion public house on the corner of Ealing Road to the left. (SD). The location is now occupied by Arthur Court on the Doddington & Rollo Estate. Knowing that she's irritated him by becoming involved in Rube's situation, Polly finds Pete at work. Learn more. With Suzy Kendall, Dennis Waterman, Maureen Lipman, Adrienne Posta. The film's soundtrack was by Manfred Mann. The location is also seen in ‘This is My Street’. Looking towards the railway embankment. Up the Junction. Film . (PW). On the steps of the court, Polly stands with Sylvie and Rube.

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