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As well as wanting to draw Mona in one of her most beautiful dresses in WarioWare Gold, I also wanted to use this as my bestest bud; Ivi-Tihista 's birthday present for this year, knowing how much she adores the character! Eventually, Mona can finally escape from the Diamond Police. Mona has a tomboyish personality, as she is said to be spunky, and she is often seen driving a motor scooter. Mona and 9-Volt try and enjoy it, giving Wario the idea to make a new WarioWare game involving this gameplay. In her blog entry, Mona describes various establishments of Diamond City and explains she frequently changes jobs because her boss himself frequently changes business. Other interests of hers include music and fashion; she plays bass in a band, and considers Wario to be her "fashion icon". She tries to disguise herself with a wig and a hat similar to Mona's, but the people boo and throw various objects at her. Mona has two stickers that can be equipped in Super Smash Bros. Brawl's Adventure mode; one increases indirect special attacks by eight, and the other increases slash resistance by four. While Mona's Elephant and Pig cannot stop the machines, her Monkey threw a banana peel on the road again, flipping dinosaur machine, so Mona can deliver the pizzas safely. He also announced that Mona has a gig at the Hawt House. In Game & Wario, Mona works at the Diamond City Times as a photojournalist for Joe, taking pictures of criminals at the scene of a crime. A new police car, however appears behind Mona. The shop is owned by Manager Joe. [2] The games themselves, however, have yet to make a full mention of Mona's family. It's a lot like jamming on a bass!". https://nintendo.fandom.com/wiki/Mona?oldid=552694. Wario ist besser denn je mit 300 Mikrospielen, in denen du dich zum Sieg tippst, drehst und drückst! The last helpers are 4.1 and 4.2, who fly in a spherical flying vehicle, who are able to shoot soccer balls at the Dinosaur's machine, but they eventually fail. [1] In a comment by Mona in the blog of the Japanese website for WarioWare: Smooth Moves, it is written that she empathizes with Ashley, since Ashley often feels lonely and thinks about her parents, while Mona herself rarely sees her busy mother and father. Willst du bei 'ner großen Sache dabei sein?“, Im Story-Modus stehen drei Ligen zwischen dir und dem Preisgeld: die Knöpfe-Liga, die Gyro-Liga und die Touch-Liga. I wanted to make it as lovely and beautiful as it looks in-game! The game is announced by Ken the Reporter and Joe. Our first gig is today at the famous HAWT HOUSE! After the microgames are beaten, the ship is downed, and Mona makes to the Hawt House and performs. During the Dancing Team set of the Ultra League, Mona arrives with Dr. Crygor, Jimmy T., Mike, Fronk, Young Cricket and Master Mantis, Kat and Ana, and Penny, where they assist Manager Joe in filling up his new nightclub, Club Joe. The police notices her speeding and chases her. The police notices her speeding and chases her. In Game & Wario, Mona works at the Diamond City Times as a photojournalist, taking pictures of criminals at the scene of a crime. Bitte beachten Sie, dass der Inhalt, auf den Sie zugreifen möchten, noch nicht auf Deutsch verfügbar ist. Mona's story begins with her going to Joe's Clothes to get a dress for a party. However, she leaves Joe behind. Tomboyish Voice: Her English voice is … Mona herself appears next to the building in the game's intro and outro. Whether it's delivering pizzas, crooning hit singles or fighting off jealous rivals in an airplane that looks like a giant chicken, this go-to girl never loses her spunky spirit. Auf dem Nintendo 2DS und New Nintendo 2DS XL werden Spielegrafiken in 2D angezeigt. The employees of Pizza Dinosaur, the Dinosaurs, mad, use their dinosaur machines to attack Mona, who delivers pizzas at the time. X) ^^, Thank you! When they are done, Mona drives her scooter toward the Hawt House while Art and Deco follow her in a van. Vertraue einfach deinem Instinkt! In WarioWare: Twisted! She mentions that he is her "fashion icon". Mona is one of the ten selectable characters in the multiplayer games in WarioWare, Inc.: Mega Party Game$!. At the end, the Roughs wins the game. Joe's Clothes is a shop in WarioWare Gold. She drives past a Diamond Police car, however. Welche Nintendo Switch ist die richtige für dich? Puste einen Ballon auf, bis er platzt, drücke schnell auf einen Knopf, um einem unerwünschten Gast die Tür vor der Nase zuzuschlagen, neige das System, um deine Bauchmuskeln … Mona appears as two stickers in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. During the history of the WarioWare game series' installments overall, Mona has been portrayed by the following voice actresses: From the Super Mario Wiki, the Mario encyclopedia. Im Studio des Spiels kannst du deine eigenen Aufnahmen einsprechen! With such a lovely dress she's wearing, you can only imagine just what kind of party she was going to attend! Now, just what should she wear today? Here, a player is instructed to do microgames as well as do other actions as a doctor says. Mona's hair often has two bangs over her face, although in later appearances, a third one was added. She also appears in Young Cricket‘s stage, as she runs the restaurant.

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